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Windows Server
2003 Migration

(An opportunity to improve efficiency, an opportunity to save)

Microsoft has ended support for Windows Server 2003/R2 last year. This means no more updates by Microsoft, no more security patches, no support, no updates and no compliance – which means increased cost of maintenance. Now is the time to move to Windows Server 2012/R2, or even better – cloud!

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What does Windows Server 2003/R2 end of support mean for you?

End of support for Windows Server 2003/R2 by Microsoft means not only lower efficiency and much lower security – but also more investment for you!

Zero Updates Zero Updates

Microsoft has stopped releasing any updates for Windows Server 2003/R2. Imagine the impact it will have on your infrastructure.

Zero Compliance Zero Compliance

Windows Server 2003/R2 is no longer compliant with various standards and regulations. This could mean organizations like Visa and MasterCard no longer doing business with you.

Zero Savings Zero Savings

With you having to incur added costs for intrusion detection systems, more advanced firewalls, and network segmentation, maintenance costs for aging Windows Server 2003 hardware will likely increase.

Zero Safety Zero Safety

Virtualized and physical instances of Windows Server 2003 are now highly vulnerable and would not pass a compliance audit.

Move to Windows Server 2012 R2, or to the Cloud

Look at the end of support for Windows Server 2003/R2 as an opportunity to evolve- move to Windows Server 2012 R2, or to the cloud!

No boundaries for your infrastructure

  • Build new applications or websites that can go global.
  • Scale infrastructure in a moment's notice.
  • Reduce storage, backup, and recovery costs.

Take benefit of the "hybrid model" with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services using the same virtual machine format as Windows Server - get a super-consistent experience across datacenter and cloud deployments.

Get dynamic application delivery with Microsoft's world-class infrastructure, and give your IT professionals enhanced automation, faster provisioning and deployment, and monitoring and management of your applications and infrastructure from a consistent platform across clouds.
ZNetLive works on massive scale deployments of the largest companies on the planet. With our deep expertise of the traditional datacenter, and the new-age cloud deployments, we bring to you amazing things in storage, networking, and identity - both in the datacenter with products like Windows Server and in the cloud with services like Microsoft Azure.
Let's start your Windows Server 2003/R2 migration process, Now!

ZNetLive's cloud specialists ensure that your migration from Windows Server 2003/R2 to Windows Server 2012/R2, or to the cloud, is seamless. We discover, assess, and target workloads and software – and then choose the right migration plan for you.


First we discover and catalog all your software and workloads running on Windows Server 2003/R2.


We then assess and prioritize workloads and applications in your cataloged applications and workloads based on type, criticality, complexity, and risk.


We then choose where it is best to migrate your application and workload –Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Azure, Cloud OS Network, or Office 365.


With a clear understanding of your Widows Server 2003 environment, we consolidate the plan and begin to migrate.

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