10 simple ways you can put your office in your pocket.

I wish I could be everywhere.” Hillary Clinton once said.

With life getting hastier day by day, do you wish for the same? You don’t wish to be stuck in your office, while your life slips by. Right?

Well, then the only way out is to have your office in your pocket so that you can work anywhere and from everywhere while enjoying your life to the fullest.

Here are few ways to have your office on your fingertips:

1. Conduct Online meetings anywhere

Business Productivity Suite’s Skype for Business enables you to conduct multi-party online (HD video and audio) meetings and connect with your clients and employees from anywhere across the globe. You can also ask questions, conduct polls etc. during meetings and conferencing.

2. Monitor quality of your team’s e-mails

Microsoft Office 365 admin center enables you to drill down into the details of the email messages sent and received by your team members.

You can view enhanced reports about mailboxes and groups; check spam and malware sent or received in mails; total volume of incoming and outgoing mails; enable custom rules and Data Loss Protection policies; and set rules for sending crucial data out of your office through mails.

3. Collaborate & share documents online

With OneDrive, you can store and share documents in the Cloud. You can share OneDrive links for quick collaboration with colleagues and clients, without the need to send heavy attachments.

4. Work on any device, any browser

With the help of ActiveSync feature of Office 365 you can resume work on the same file which you were working upon earlier, anywhere across the globe, irrespective of any device-Desktop, laptop or mobile.

5. Securely access your emails OOO

The most effective method of nonverbal communication for any business is the professional e-mail. Microsoft’s Office 365 business- email comes with exchange email technology, cross-device compatibility, smart mail flow, anti-spam filtering and more to simplify your official tasks further. It helps you to hold n number of messages and files within its wide 50 GB storage (each e-mail size as high as 25 MB.).

6. Manage a clean, clutter-free inbox

Do you have trouble in managing large pile of mails every day? Now you can relax with the built in tools of Office 365 which comes with a simplified admin center and built-in security to manage your email account. Also you can de-clutter your inbox by moving low priority messages to new folder.

You can access the admin center from anywhere to set up new emails, create custom scripts, restore deleted mail accounts, and guard your emails from the ever-present mail threats.

7. Store your data online & access it offline

OneDrive for business enhances data protection and data availability as you can store your important data, documents and files and access them simultaneously on any device even when you are not online.

With this online storage you can not only store but also sync, share collaborate and easily manage all your files .You get 1TB per person storage space in the cloud as part of Office 365 subscription.

8. Manage your team

Great things in business are never done by a person. They are done by a team of people”- Steve jobs.

With MS Office 365, you can build a team library to keep project emails and shared documents together in one place with a project-specific mailbox which only notified team members can access.

9. Send instant messages

Send instant messages, talk or video chat with your team, and connect with them in an instant to get quick responses using the Skype for Business Instant Messenger.

Skype Meetings also offer HD video and desktop sharing considered perfect for chatting within groups while working on presentations, projects and more.

10. Office application tools

Build professional documents for your office with Microsoft Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft One Note, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher.

office 365

Microsoft Office 365 comes with various online productivity applications like, business-email, online meetings, instant messaging, one drive, office application tools and more which are designed to simplify office management.

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All the above mentioned tools of Office 365 India are just a tip of an iceberg. If you have any queries , feel free to comment.

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