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Self-Managed Linux VPS Hosting

Your Virtual Gateway to Ultimate Control!
  • Hassle-free server management
  • Full scalability
  • Pre-configured security settings
Save 40%
8.66 /mo.

Affordable Self Managed Linux VPS Hosting - Boost Your Online Presence!

Server Name

$ 8.66/month
15.88 /month
  • 1 Vcore
  • 30 GBSSD
  • 2 GB RAM

$ 13.17/month
24.15 /month
  • 2 Vcore
  • 60 GB SSD
  • 4 GB RAM

$ 16.10/month
29.51 /month
  • 4 Vcore
  • 100 GB SSD
  • 8 GB RAM

$ 19.23/month
35.27 /month
  • 4 Vcore
  • 100 GB SSD
  • 12 GB RAM

$ 29.91/month
115.15 /month
  • 6 Vcore
  • 150 GB SSD
  • 15 GB RAM

$ 40.17/month
133.75 /month
  • 8 Vcore
  • 300 GB SSD
  • 20 GB RAM

Add-on services with self-managed Linux VPS plans to make your site secure and faster

Complete Server Security
Server Management
Get your custom server environment with full Root/Administrator access while the ZNetLive team manages the hardware and network.
Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel
Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel
Plesk is a user-friendly control panel for web hosting. It enables you to manage your websites, email accounts, databases, and more quickly and easily.
Acronis Data Backup & Recovery
Acronis Data Backup and Recovery
Acronis data backup and recovery solutions can be used to backup files to an external hard drive, a network attached storage device, or even the cloud. Acronis products are ideal for both home and business users.
Site Management with cPanel
Site Management with cPanel
cPanel is the most intuitive and reliable server and site management platform. With a rich feature set, cPanel's configurable and automated platform enables customers to focus on just business.

Select Your Management Tier

Click on the choices below to learn more about the Managed and Self-managed VPS hosting plans.

Self-Managed VPS
  • SSH
  • Root Access
  • OS Reloading
  • Server Shutdown/Restart
  • Resource Upgrade/Downgrade – On client’s demand
Managed VPS
  • Server Monitoring
  • Security Updates
  • Backups Scheduling
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Performance Optimization
  • Proactive Issue Resolution
  • Resource Allocation
  • Compliance and Security Audits

Here is What You Get with Linux Self-Managed VPS Hosting Plans

ZNetLive’s self-managed VPS hosting plans provide a comprehensive package of resources tailored to ensure the smooth operation of your web servers.

24/7 Live Support

Built for Performance

  • Dedicated RAM, disk space, and more
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Optimal performance to meet all your business needs
Dedicated Knowledgebase

Priced for Perfection

  • Wide range of pricing plans
  • Completely optimized – offering price-performance ratios
Money Back Guarantee

Highly Scalable

  • Grows with your business
  • Upgrade and downgrade your server on demand
99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Reliable Infrastructure

  • Enterprise-grade hardware
  • Consistent computing performance
  • Uncompromised security

50K+ people trust ZNetLive for their IT needs

ZNetLive is a leading provider of services for cloud computing. We are servicing over 50,000 customers across the globe. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to provide support and guidance, ensuring that your IT needs are always met.

  • The move to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud was the best decision, undoubtedly. ZNetLive further simplified the entire process by helping our team set up our systems on AWS Cloud.

    Mr. Satish Jain

    AGM - Business Transformation,
    B. Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

    After using AWS from ZNetLive, we do not have to think any more about building and operating the infrastructure. The most important benefit is we can now focus on our time, money, and energy to create great experiences for our customers.

    Mr. Siddharth Ajay Singh

    Managing Director and CEO Jumbo Finvest India Ltd.

  • We do projects with the Indian government. The database size of projects is quite huge, with users of these software and applications in millions. ZNetLive’s managed dedicated servers and Cloud VPS have helped us meet our requirements of ‘no downtime’ and apt service delivery

    Mr. Pankaj Sharma

    CEO, Netleon Technologies Private Limited

    Adding Dedicated Servers to our business has helped us grow our customer base and develop state-of-the-art systems for our consumers. We can now guarantee 100% on time delivery with superb performance. Thanks to our team and ZNetLive, for their dedicated support anytime.

    Mr. Piyush Dawar

    CEO, PRP Services Private Limited.

  • Frankly, it is not about great hosting packages or technologies, the main difference entrepreneurs, and resellers like us look for is relationship management. This is where ZNetLive has always been making its mark. They have an EAR for customers and resellers. We can always count on them

    Mr. Suyog Kulkarni

    Managing Director, White Oak Interactive Private Limited.

    By providing Microsoft’s Office 365 solution, ZNetLive addressed all our security requirements and confidentiality of our communication through mail along with features like web conferencing, enhanced mailbox size and more at much lesser price than Google apps we were using.

    Mr. Satyendra Johari

    MD, Johari Digital Healthcare Limited.


  • What is Virtual Private Server hosting?

    In Virtual Private Server (VPS), hosting is done on a virtual server, using a server virtualization technology. It partitions a computer virtually into multiple servers. Each user gets much more privacy and security as compared to shared hosting i.e., you get the advantages of dedicated hosting but at considerably lower prices.
  • Why self-managed VPS hosting?

    Self-managed VPS hosting offers unparalleled control and flexibility to its customers. They not only gain full administrative control, allowing for tailored server environments but also the freedom to implement timely updates based on their priorities. This often leads to cost savings, as customers aren't paying for additional support. .
  • Can I purchase managed services with my existing VPS hosting?

    Yes, we provide managed services for our VPS server offerings. You can add these services to both new and existing VPS packages.
  • Do you provide self-managed VPS hosting with SSD or HDD?

    ZNetLive provides SSD Drive with all VPS server plans. Your website's speed directly affects your visitor satisfaction and conversion rate. Websites hosted on SSDs load 300% faster than those hosted on traditional HDDs.
  • Do you help to migrate the site to VPS servers?

    Yes, we assist with site migrations to VPS. However, charges for this service vary depending on several factors, including the number of files, data volume, domains, applications, the operating system, and the hosting control panels used.
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