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ZNetLive Cloud GPUs

  • Built to support your machine learning workloads
  • Offers high-performance backed with scalability
  • Flexible pricing with no long-term vendor lock-in
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Cloud GPUs - designed to deliver performance

Select from our wide range of cloud GPUs powered by NVIDIA that have been designed to accelerate your machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence), and similar HPC (high performance computing) workloads

GPU Compute with RTX 8000
GPU Compute with RTX 8000

NVIDIA RTX 8000 – designed for modern workload needs in the cloud, AI, data sciences, remote working etc.
GPU Compute with TESLA V100
GPU Compute with TESLA V100

NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 – advanced data center GPU built to accelerate HPC, AI, and other workloads.
GPU Compute with T4
GPU Compute with T4

NVIDIA T4 – built to accelerate deep learning training and inference, data analytics, and other diverse cloud workloads.
GPU Compute with A100
GPU Compute with A100

A100 - Unlock next-generation discoveries using the world’s most advanced accelerator.
GPU Compute with A30
GPU Compute with A30

NVIDIA A30 – the most versatile compute GPU for mainstream enterprise workloads.

Get high-performance computing for your workloads in the most competitive prices

powerful infrastructure

Powered by NVIDIA

All ZNetLive Cloud GPUs are powered by world-class GPU Infra by NVIDIA with easy scalability.
maximum privacy & security

Priced for perfection

Our Cloud GPUs are inexpensive – with the most ideal price-to-performance ratio.
ssd powered server

Zero-vendor lock ins

All Cloud GPU plans come in flexible pricing model – with no long term contracts or any hidden costs.
ssh root access

Accelerate workloads

Get guaranteed performance for your HPC workloads without consuming your local resources.

Popular use cases for Cloud GPUs

See how a single solution can serve multiple purposes

Machine Learning
Cloud GPUs can deliver powerful computing capabilites to your Machine Learning Workloads - without consuming local hardware resources.
Image Processing
Power your Image processing systems for 4D construction, Autonomous Vehicles, etc. with the help of Cloud GPUs.
Natural Language Processing
NLP applications require large GPU servers to handle processing. Cloud GPUs can offer high-performance with low costs for NLP workloads.
Video Analytics
Video analysis can help identify obejcts and movements and thus require real-time processing. Cloud GPUs are a great choice for running these workloads.
Deep Learning
Deep Learning is the base of ArtificiaI Intelligence. Expedite large computational tasks for your deep learning models using Cloud GPUs.

Why go for ZNetLive Cloud GPUs?

99.9% service uptime

99.9% Service Uptime

24/7 active support

24/7 Active Support

sla-back guarantee

SLA-back Guarantee

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