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Plesk FAQs

  • What is Plesk panel?

    With Plesk web hosting control panel, you can easily manage your hosting account. It allows server admins to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts and DNS entries through a web-based interface.
  • What are the difference between Plesk plans?

    • Web Admin Edition: This edition is targeted at users who only want to administrate their own websites. Unnecessary features such as customer/reseller management are not included in this edition.
    • Web Pro Edition: With this edition, you can host up to 30 different domains. Also, all features apart from the reseller management are available in this edition.
    • Web Host Edition: With this edition, you can host an unlimited amount of domains. There are no restrictions on behalf of Plesk. The Web Host Edition is the most extensive of all Plesk editions. It includes every feature - from reseller management over security core features until automatic outbound spam protection.
  • Can I download Plesk for free?

    No, you can take a free Plesk demo, but to make use of all functions of Plesk, you need to purchase the Plesk panel license.
  • Which is better Plesk or cPanel?

    Both control panels have their own strengths. Which one is better - majorly depends on your needs. You can go through this blog on Plesk vs cPanel to find out which control panel suits your needs.
  • What is Plesk hosting?

    When any web hosting solution like VPS or dedicated server is powered by Plesk control panel or Plesk license is pre-installed on the server, it is known as Plesk hosting.
  • What is Plesk control panel used for?

    Plesk panel lets you easily manage all aspects of your web hosting account, including the applications, files, and email hosted on your account or server.
  • Can I install WordPress using Plesk?

    Yes. For details, you can see this blog.
  • Do you offer migration service to Plesk?

    Yes, we do offer Plesk migration service.
  • Is there SSL Certificate manager in Plesk?

    Yes. The 'Keep me secured' feature with SSL certificate manager, automatically monitors and secures Plesk, domains, subdomains and webmail through SSL certificates. You can choose either Symantec or Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • What's included in Plesk support you offer?

    Plesk related issues, upgrades and updates are covered under support that we offer.
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