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21 things we wish for you in 2021

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The beginning of a new year is always filled with excitement and hope.

It is the time when we say goodbye to the memories of the past year and get ready to make some new ones. 2021 is a super-special year, as it puts an end to the bitter memories of 2020.

The previous year, without a question, was a year of absolute firsts for so many.

For the first time, we saw the world come down to a standstill.

Even the world superpower countries had to shut down their activities and give in to the challenges brought forward by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the first time, we saw commonplace activities which many took for granted like spending time with the family or hugging loved ones becoming uncommon. Many were stuck in different countries, away from their families.

After such a difficult year, 2021 seems to be the year of revivals. It is like the first ray of sunshine after a stormy night. As we begin this new year, we have come up with 21 things we wish for you in 2021.

21 things we wish for you in the new year

1. Hope

Hope is the utmost important thing we need to cling to as we look forward to a new beginning. That’s why it is on the top of our list.

With hope, you can reinvent yourself and achieve your life and business goals. It will help you improve your life by envisioning a better future.

It is about looking at the brighter side of things when everything seems to be going downhill.

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2. A new perspective

You cannot welcome today with the bitter memories of yesterday.

As we start a new year, we wish that you can find a new perspective in life.

2020 has hurt each one of us in different ways. But it has also taught us the importance of change. It is not the fittest that survives a battle but the one who quickly identifies his opponent and embraces new strategies.

So, let 2021 be the year where you discover new strategies and start with a fresh perspective. If 2020 has blurred your vision and goals, it is the time you start with a new lens.

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3. Normalcy

Normalcy! We are missing that so……………. much.

We wish that 2021 be the year where we start returning to normalcy.

The big void created by the pandemic that divided the world between pre-COVID and post-COVID, let’s hope that starts filling this year.

The past year put a halt to many things.

Children missing their schools, employees missing their cafeteria, players missing the grounds – the list can go on and on.

Here, we wish that the world rolls back to its previous normal state, starting this year.

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4. Vaccine rollout

COVID-19 vaccine rollout is the most anticipated thing that we are all wishing for in 2021.

It is going to be a challenge for highly populated countries, considering the daunting task of distributing it and storing the vaccine in suitable conditions. Government priority is to first vaccinate the high-risk population like people who are above 60 or 65 years of age, corona warriors, police, transportation workers, teachers, and other first line responders.

While the timeline for the rollout is ambitious, we hope that it reaches as many people as possible and with positive outcomes.

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5. Better Infrastructure

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need for sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

According to a Cambridge study, the global economy can face a loss of approximately $82 trillion in the coming five years.

World Economic Forum has suggested prolonged bankruptcies, economic recession, higher unemployment, and sector consolidation.

Here, building resilient infrastructure, especially the digital infrastructure is the key to both immediate economic growth and longer-term growth for all industries and verticals.

We hope that this new year you get better infrastructure because with it, you’ll get business continuity assurance.

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6. New business opportunities

The past year has been challenging for small businesses and startups. The drastic shift in the economy, consumer behaviour, and cashflows have created an everlasting ripple effect on all major businesses and industries.

But as we say, desperate times call for desperate measures. It is time for you to evolve and innovate to meet the changing customer demands.

We hope that the new year helps you identify new business opportunities. Luckily, the market is ripe with new tech opportunities like the Cloud, managed services, security, and more.

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For example, a lot of opportunities can be seen in the cloud computing due to remote working, need for anytime, anywhere accessibility. In fact, cloud implementation will rise in the pharma industry, especially for vaccine development and rollout.

If you want to know more about these technologies and how they can help grow your revenue, contact us now.

7. Access to technology

One important lesson 2020 taught us is that technology can make things happen – even those that were a distant dream once.

During the pandemic, the one thing which helped us all stay together and stay connected was technology.

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We wish that in 2021 you get access to technology for good. Not only in business but to improve your personal lives as well. Times are changing and so, you should brush up your knowledge on what’s new in technology like 5G, 6G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, drone delivery, and more.

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8. Entertainment

Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, we all were able to keep ourselves entertained with new TV shows, movies, and series in the past year.

But we must admit that we missed late-night movie shows with friends in theatre.

Let’s hope that in 2021, more and more people are allowed into the movie theatres. After all, we all miss watching our favourite celebrities on the big screen.

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9. Large gatherings and celebrations

When was the last time you went to a live conference or event? More than a year now, right?

Even the most wondrous time of the year – the festivals, the holiday season and new year celebrations, were spent inside homes.

Let’s hope that large gatherings and celebrations start this year. (Of course, with all the precautions) There are a lot of events to look forward to in 2021 – the T20 World Cup (that got cancelled last year), Tokyo Olympics, UEFA Euro Championship, World Expo Dubai, Microsoft Inspire etc.

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Let’s hope that these events can take place this year as per the schedule and you get to participate in them in person.

10. Travelling and vacations

Vacations are an inherent part of our lives.

It does not matter whether you’re a student, a businessman, full-time employee, or a homemaker, vacations are a must for everyone.

They are a mental reboot. Freshens up one’s mind, body, and soul. But in 2020, we all missed going on vacations with family, friends, and colleagues.

We wish that in this new year, you can enjoy fun vacations at your favourite destinations.

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11. Positivity

The one thing which helped almost everyone on the planet to face this pandemic courageously is positivity.

No matter how many times you have heard or read it, but attitude is everything.

We mostly don’t have any control over what happens to us or what situation we might get caught into, but we can always choose how we react to it. While many people lost their jobs in 2020, some took it as an opportunity to build their own startup (which they had been postponing for long as they were scared to let go of the comfort zone).

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You can also decide to take up the challenges that life throws at you and convert them into opportunities, with positivity and affirmation. As your information technology service provider, we wish you a lot of positivity for 2021.

12. Good Mental Health

In the past two to three years, a lot has been said about mental health.

Amidst this fast-moving world, mental health is something we all forget to take care of.

In the quest of trying to balance everything, sometimes we lose our own balance. Let’s learn from our mistakes in the past and how granted we have taken our mental health and wellbeing.

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We wish for good mental health for you and your family, friends, and colleagues in 2021.

13. Better relationships

While the past year was full of challenges and difficulties, it also gave us something new. Or rather it taught us to appreciate what was already there – our family and relationships.

During nationwide lockdowns, families were able to spend more time with each other. As we start the new year and things start coming back to normal, let’s continue to cherish the bonds of family and relationships – our real pillars of strength.

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We wish that in this new year, you spend a lot of quality time with your friends, family, and colleagues. We have just one life to live – revive your relationships and get to know each other better.

14. Better immunity

The word ‘immunity’ was used extensively in the past year.

The tussle between personal and professional lives and a never-ending guilty conscience has somewhere taken a toll on our health. From taking immunity pills to drinking herbal teas and Kadhas (traditional Indian drink), we tried everything to improve our immunity to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus.

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As we start a new year, we wish you a better immunity. Say no to junk food and a sedentary lifestyle and a big YES to exercising and healthy foods.

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15. Improved social network

Social networking is integral to grow and succeed in life – both personally or professionally.

Even a caterpillar has to come out of its cocoon to experience its full beauty, potential, and flight and transform into a butterfly. You are no different!

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To bring out the best in you, you need to network more. Build meaningful connections with people on networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. We wish that in 2021, you can make the most out of your social connections and networks.

16. Access to better healthcare

None of us ever thought that words like lockdown, quarantine, and isolation will have such a big impact on our lives.

Throughout the year, we realized the importance of having a robust healthcare system for both individual and nations.

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Access to quality healthcare must be the right of every individual. In this year, let’s pledge to take better care of our health needs and have an action plan if faced with a medical issue.

We wish that 2021 sees better healthcare systems and contingency plans.

17. Cybersecurity

COVID-19 created an enormous challenge for businesses worldwide in terms of data security.

As employees started working from homes, organizations were faced with the issue of protecting their crucial data.

Thanks to cybersecurity tools and solutions, companies can plan, store, manage, and protect their data.

We wish that in 2021 you will have more control over your organizational data and have access to the best cybersecurity solutions. Remember, cybersecurity is not just important for organizations but individuals as well.

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So, if you have not already secured your personal devices via an antivirus solution, it is time you do now.

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18. Improved finances

Nationwide lockdowns, shutting down of businesses and startups, and changing consumer behaviour was a big blow to individuals’ and companies’ financial health.

As the economy went down, small businesses and startup owners suffered a great deal.

Let’s hope that 2021 revives the economy and improves the financial health of people and companies. It is also time that you start thinking about taking matters in your hand. Look for opportunities in different sectors, start small but start today to build a better future for you and your family.

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As your technology partner, we are always here to help you grow your business and achieve success.

19. Clean air and water

2020 though was very hard on humans, but it helped the environment to reboot itself.

Reduced number of vehicles on roads reduced the air pollution to a great extent. Same thing happened with oceans and other water bodies. As humans were locked inside their homes, water pollution reduced to some extent. As 2021 lifts ban on many COVID restrictions, including lockdowns, let’s pledge and find ways to protect our environment by reducing pollution.

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Let’s take care of mother nature so it can take care of us in return. We hope that in 2021, governments worldwide will formulate action plans to reverse the global climate change to ensure that our future generations get access to pure air and clean water.

20. Innovation

COVID-19 has proved that when faced with challenges, ingenuity can lead to innovative results.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has taken a toll on our economies, finances, physical, and mental health. But it could not stop us from innovating.

The new reality is set to spark innovations as latest technologies like Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, etc. bring new ways to reimagine and reinvent. In this new year, you need to prioritize innovation to unlock postcrisis growth. Check out this statistic by McKinsey & Company:

Source: McKinsey

Contact us today to know how you can reinvent your business by strengthening your digital infrastructure by migrating to the cloud.

21. Peace and hugs

We saved the best wish for the last.

The social distancing norms forced many of us to maintain a distance from our loved ones. As the impact of COVID19 starts to fade, let’s hope that we can once again express our love for each other through hugs.

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We wish that in this new year, you find inner peace that will help you think better and succeed in all areas of life.

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