More than 74 million websites and blogs are hosted by WordPress, as per WordPress statistics. But people often get confused with hosting options available for their WordPress website/blog.

Should I go for shared hosting or for WordPress hosting?

Newbies often get confused with this question. Being in this hosting industry, I would personally recommend that you choose WordPress hosting if you want to create a WordPress website as it is especially optimized for the WordPress environment.

It provides powerful hosting with functionality like speed, reduced loading time. Other benefits of WordPress hosting include auto backups, security, regular up-gradation, etc.which we have discussed in detail later in this post.

You can get a first-hand experience by taking its trial run as some good WordPress hosting providers provide its free trial also like ZNetLive provides free 30 days trial of its WordPress hosting.

Here is a list of top 5 benefits of  WordPress hosting over shared hosting.

#1 Faster loading website

The popularity of your website or blog totally depends on the loading speed of your website. Obviously, if your website takes long to upload on the user’s system, then he will definitely rush away from your site and this happening repetitively can reduce your site traffic considerably.

In shared hosting, your website may take as long as other sites to load, as no provision is there for faster loading of WP site but on the other hand, WordPress hosting powered by SSD makes your website load quickly on viewers’ systems.

This faster loading speed also increases your website’s ranking in google search results. Hence, WordPress hosting also helps to bring high traffic to your website.

#2 Better site security

Security is a major concern from which every website owner suffers. In shared web hosting, you only have as much security as the weakest secured site on the shared server.

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But with WordPress hosting, there’s regular scanning of your sites/blogs and proper measures are put up to block the suspicious files. Also, most reliable WP hosting providers install proper server level security mechanisms so that there’s no breach in your WordPress website security.

At ZNetLive, your WordPress hosting is additionally powered by DDoS protection and SSL Certificate.

#3 Automatic backups

Having regular backup of your site can help you to deal with any type of calamity 🙂

If you choose WordPress hosting service for your website, your website will be automatically backed up daily, which may not be provided with all shared hosting plans by shared hosting providers.

#4 Regular updation to latest version

WordPress sites mostly get compromised because of outdated plugins and core files. But with specialized WordPress hosting, you don’t need to frequently update your WordPress site as per the latest versions of WordPress. We, at ZNetLive, upgrade it to the latest version automatically as and when it’s available.

#5 Excellent customer support

It’s well-known that customer support is the backbone of any hosting service. WordPress hosting by good WordPress hosting providers come with support service by WP experts’ team which easily handles all your WordPress related queries.

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If you have any query about Cheap WordPress hosting or need to know more about it, then use the comments section below 🙂

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