6 Reasons why bloggers should choose domain and web hosting from ZNetLive

If you are planning to set up a blog, the foremost thing besides choosing a domain name and web hosting is to select the right web hosting provider so as to ensure that your blog is within your budget, has all the necessary resources and is up when it receives heavy inflow of traffic.

ZNetLive is considered to be a blogging fraternity friendly host as we have multiple solutions focused around the specific needs of bloggers and that’s for the reason that we have been trying to make ‘getting online’ for one and all as easy as possible.

Why buy domain and web hosting from ZNetLive for your Blog?

There are many reasons to choose ZNetLive but here’s an overview of the most important ones

1. Pocket friendly solutions

Purchasing a domain name is the stepping stone for setting up a blog and for most bloggers, budget is a constraint, so a domain should be as cheap as possible, but of course, without compromising with the choice and quality.

ZNetLive is the cheapest domain name registrar. In addition to economical domains, you get FREE value added services like full DNS control and easy to use control panel.

2. Trending new domain names for your blog

Earlier it was difficult to get the .COM of your choice, but now things have changed. With trending new GTLDs, who need .com for their blog?

If you are a recipe- expert and want to share them with other recipe- lovers, pick up .recipe domain and get set go. If you write about your travelling expeditions, go for .travel 🙂

Naming your blog as per your interest, industry and choice will actually help your end customer, quickly find your blog. At ZNetLive hundreds of new gTLDs are available besides .com domain like.me,. fashion, .date,. race, review and many more.

3. High quality, cost effective hosting

Web hosting is the next important step after domain name registration, in the journey of setting up your blog.

Web hosting package should be cost effective but it should come with good and all essential services like economical plans on latest generation hardware, strong technical features, enhanced security measures, easy to use control panel, and dedicated round the clock support. It should also be compatible with different programming languages, different platforms (Linux or Windows).

Understanding this, ZNetLive takes special care while designing a web hosting package. All types of hosting from ZNetLive comes on enterprise grade hardware and can support blogs and websites of varied sizes.

4. Easy tools to create your own website

Website creation requires technical expertise, a software developer and a designer to put it all together. But ZNetLive has a simple solution for this. Build your website yourself in minutes with easy to use Website Builder tool.

Website Builder tool requires no technical expertise, and is especially built for people who have little knowledge about coding and design. This tool is a boon for bloggers who need to regularly update their website as per their readers’ interests.

There are various pre-built ‘templates’ available in website builder tool for various blogs like travel, photography, fashion, sport, etc. You just need to choose a template that suits you best and simply edit it to make your own blog website.

5. WordPress Optimized hosting

If you plan to have your blog on WordPress- the simplest blog creation and management tool, then blazing Speed, daily updates, backups, no downtime, and security and complete automation are the essential elements which your WP blog site needs to remain up and work seamlessly.

WordPress hosting is the optimized WP hosting solution, considered best for start-ups and for all size of blogs. In this, WordPress comes automatically installed helping you to get a WordPress ready environment for your blog.

6. Bundled solutions 

In order to share your ideas /thoughts with masses through a professional blog, you need three most important tools –
• Domain name.
• Website.
• Professional email IDs.

Buying all three things separately need investment, time and technical knowledge.

But what if you get a consolidated package of all required services?

Understanding the intensity of this requirement, we at ZNetLive came up with an effective solution-Complete online bundle comprising Domain +WordPress Website+ Business E-mail by Microsoft, especially useful for bloggers.

Services ZNetLive offer:

Register Domain Name

Linux Shared Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Self Managed VPS Hosting

Self Managed Dedicated Server

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