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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud releases new features and updates in November 2022 

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Acronis enables service providers to deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient, and secure way to their customers. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud November release includes features like MI-assisted backup validation via boot screenshot analysis, simplified workload registration, and new integration with HaloPSA that help providers deliver even more value to clients. 

Latest features in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 

MI-assisted backup validation via boot screenshot analysis 

Using MI-assisted backup validation via boot screenshot analysis helps you ensure the consistency and recoverability of your clients’ backups. The screenshots are automatically analyzed by an AI / MI engine, eliminating the need for you to do anything. 

Simplified workload registration  

You can now directly register workloads from the partner account, without needing to log in with customer administrator credentials. This will make it easier and faster to register workloads in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. 

New integration with HaloPSA 

The new integration between Acronis and HaloPSA will automate customer management from tenant and product provisioning to ticket resolution and usage reporting and billing, saving MSPs from hours of manual work. 

Now partners can connect their HaloPSA customers with new and existing Acronis customer tenants. They can also link HaloPSA recurring items with Acronis offerings, provision, and deprovision Acronis offerings for customer tenants based on HaloPSA recurring invoices, and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Automatic ticket creation in HaloPSA from alerts in Acronis  
  • Automatic ticket resolution in HaloPSA from Acronis alert clearance  
  • Automatic alert clearance in Acronis from ticket resolution in HaloPSA  
  • Configuration options for customer provisioning and tickets-alerts synchronization 

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – issues resolved in November

Cyber Protection Agent 

  • Backup to the cloud was failing with the error “Request to cloud storage ‘:80/api/1/rpc/’ has failed with code ‘504’”. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Agent for Linux failed to update due to errors related to space. The problem has been resolved.  
  • Agent auto-update failures have been fixed. 
  • Issues related to cloud backup being stuck at 45% for more than one day have been resolved. 

Dashboards and reports 

  • Detected threats can be viewed in the “Recently Affected” widget. 

Disaster Recovery 

  • Test failover failing with the error “Failed to execute AUR operation” has been fixed. 
  • Production failover failing with the error “failed to do custom action startVolumesExporting” is resolved. 
  • Alerts were not cleared automatically on the next runbook start. This has been resolved.  
  • The issue of the backup of the failed-over server failing has been fixed. 


  • Adding a device to the USB allowlist was leading to logging in to the cloud (via Acronis Appliance). The issue is resolved now. 

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other applications protection 

  • Resolved the problem of Backups not starting due to long licensing processing. 
  • The backup of Microsoft 365 was failing with errors “[Archive Server]: internal error” and “[Archive Server]: storage unavailable”. The issue is fixed. 
  • The vulnerability assessment scan activity was failing, but it has been resolved now. 
  • The error “Task timeout expired. The agent that is responsible for processing the task is not accessible” was causing the failure of Microsoft 365 resources discovery. Acronis has resolved this issue. 

File Sync & Share 

  • Solved the problem of the File Sync & Share process getting stuck. 
  • Failure of the File Sync & Share service was reported when trying to download a big folder hierarchy with files in it. The issue has been resolved. 

Linux protection 

  • Backup failure was happening due to the operating system deleting the snapshot (CloudLinux 8.6). Now, this has been resolved. 
  • The issue where Ubuntu 18.04.6 was becoming unresponsive during the backup process upon failure of SnapAPI page allocation has been fixed. 

To know more updates and fixes, click here

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