Beyond Email – What Can a Good Communication Tool Do for Your Business?

Ever since the arrival of professional email as a communication tool in the 1970s, it has completely revolutionized the way we communicate. Then, it was seen by the business community as a perfect solution to its communication needs and gradually it became the most important and very effective business communication tool. It is evident from the fact that over 200 billion emails are sent every single day and more than 60% of them are business related.*

With continuous improvements, the email gradually became better with even better features coming up from time to time. Today, it has cemented its position as a de-facto standard for business communication.

But, the changing time, trend and technology has given rise to new communication needs of businesses. And, the email has limitations in fulfilling those needs.

What are the Limitations of Email Communication?

We all face these constraints while using email, but we have become so much used to them that most of us don’t even realize that we are facing a problem, forget about seeking a solution. Have a look at the following limitations, you have most probably experienced them.

  • Inbox overflowing with unnecessary emails, CCs and spams. Do you know that on an average, we receive over 100 emails a day? And not all of them are important. This happens because we send emails for every kind of small thing and that goes down to even a simple yes or no answer.
  • I am damn sure that you have gone through this one – the classical horrible experience of searching an email in your inbox housing thousands of them. It consumes your precious time and decreases productivity.
  • Sending big attachments with email and the amount of memory, bandwidth and time it consumes.
  • Unsuitability of email for group conversations.
  • No functionality to conduct online meetings.

Future of Email Communication

This does not mean that email has become redundant. Not at all, but it has generated demand for a communication tool that can complement it by offering a solution for its limitations.

As a response to these limitations, some very effective and impressive tools have come up that complement email with added functionalities to make up a complete business communication tool. Email will remain an important part of it, as it is perfect for what it is made for – professional one-to-one communication.

Microsoft Office 365: The Perfect Business Communication Tool

Microsoft Office 365 has emerged as a perfect communication tool for business. Office 365 is a bundle of several different tools which includes Business Class Email, Skype for Business, OneDrive and Office Tools. Among these, Skype for Business along with OneDrive is the solution to the limitations of email discussed above. Let’s see how they do it.

Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business is basically an instant messenger with loads of added functionalities that include HD audio/video conferencing, screen and document sharing, live status tracking, synchronization with email, calendar, etc. Let’s look into the details.

  • Instant Messaging

Sending instant messages is the most basic functionality of Skype for Business. It builds a private social network for business and connects all people working in an organization. Thus, you can have a quick chat with your teammates regarding matters that need quick response and thus curtail down the number of emails you send.

  • Screen and Document Sharing

Skype for business has a unique feature of screen and document sharing. It allows you to share documents, screen and give control to your teammates. With this feature, the IT guy of your organization can solve your IT related issues even without leaving his desk. Well, this is blazing fast communication and it increases work productivity.

  • Audio/Video Online Meetings

As discussed above, a business now needs online meetings and audio/video web conferences. With Skype for Business, you can conduct unlimited online meetings with HD video for up to 300 participants. Adding to it, you can even invite participants from outside your organization if the need be.

  • Track Live Status

Skype for Business has a very unique functionality and that is it allows you to see the live status of your teammates, whether they are available, busy, off-work, etc.

  • Syncs with Email and Calendar

Skype for Business easily syncs with your email and calendar. Also allows you to check the availability of your teammates and lets you set the meeting when they are available.


OneDrive provides online cloud storage for storing and sharing of files online. It plays a big role in making Microsoft Office 365 a perfect communication tool.

  • Online Storage

Microsoft OneDrive allows you store your data and files in cloud storage. With Office 365, it provides online cloud storage of 1 TB for each employee of your organization.

  • Online Sharing

Now, this is the biggest plus point of OneDrive, it allows you to share files stored online with your teammates. You just have to set the permission for a person to view that file. And, this is the perfect solution to get rid of those big attachments.

  • Anywhere Access

With OneDrive, you can access your files and data stored online from anywhere and on any device including tablets and mobiles with just an internet connection.


Microsoft Office 365 has emerged as a perfect solution that fills in the gaps of email communication and is rapidly changing the way businesses communicate. Not only it’s an effective business communication tool, but also a business productivity tool. Surely, it is going to revolutionize the business communication.

Many big names have already adopted Office 365 in their organization including – Lupin, Tata Elxsi, Dabur, and others. Read this Office 365 case study to know how Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. improved their business communication and productivity by using Office 365.

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*Source – Email Statistics Report, 2014-18, The Radicati Group Inc.

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