Getting a website only no longer assures a complete online presence for businesses. An SMB only starts expanding its reach with a website. To fully realize the benefits of technology, and to increase revenue, a business needs to use multiple tools.

A website instantly increases the reach of a business. One can quickly expand to reach a lot of potential customers who can show interest in his business. The business hence needs to be ready to respond to these end customers – making the need of a good communication tool very important.

A good communication tool not only ensures solid conversation with potential customers, converting them into sales, but also improves coordination and communication  within a company, which in turn has multiple benefits, like increased work productivity and work being done smartly.

At ZNetLive, in our capacity as a team that provides businesses with a website, we need to also prepare and provide them with what comes next – need of a good communication tool.

Collaborating with Microsoft

Microsoft is an organization with the same vision as ZNetLive – helping SMBs and individuals grow by providing them with the right technology.

While we do it with websites, Microsoft does it with their own tools, one such great tool of theirs is Office 365, a great solution which fits perfectly with what we want to provide our customers with!

Introducing Office 365 – Online business productivity tool with Email, Video & Audio conferencing, Office Apps & more

Office 365

Office 365 is a business online productivity suite by Microsoft that provides businesses with the right technology to enable faster and smarter working.

AI-powered Backup Solution

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It’s a solid tool that covers everything a business organization needs, and we are proud to extend it to our end customers – Business class e-mailing; Web conferencing (video/audio), Office applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) and online data storage.

Learn what all you can do with Office 365:

Get a 50 GB Mailbox – Business Class Email

 Get large 50 GB storage per account

With Office 365 email, you get large 50 GB of storage per user to hold as many messages and files as you need. Each email size can be as high as 25 MB.

Get data security, privacy backup

With O365, get complete data security and privacy! It uses anti-spam filtering and anti-malware protection to keep emails safe from mail threats.

Access your mails & data on the go

Your email and calendar syncs seamlessly between all your devices – phone, desktop, and laptop – in real time.

Manage mails with smart rules

Smart mail rules make managing your inbox and to-do-list easier with customized inbox rules and notifications. Control incoming and outgoing mails of your team with filters.

Unlimited Online meetings and Video web conferencing

Online meetings and web conferencing

Connect with your employees anytime through unlimited video or audio conferencing via Microsoft Skype for Business – included in your Office 365 package.

A solid calendar

Keep yourself up-to-date with a calendar that keeps note of your meetings, and even to-do tasks. Also share calendars and find mutually convenient time for scheduling meetings and adding online meetings.

Audio & video conferencing with Skype for Business
Send instant messages

Send instant messages to your team, and connect with in an instant to get quick responses.

Real time monitoring

Microsoft Skype for Business’s Presence Indicator allows you to check the current status of an employee online – available/ busy/ off-work or more.

Get 1TB of Online Storage in the Cloud

 Online file storage & sharing

Office 365 comes with OneDrive, that provides 1TB per person storage space in the cloud. That means every employee of your organization gets 1 TB space to store his files.

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Unmatched Backup Features from Future

The files store on OneDrive are on the cloud, and hence get synced to all devices – mobile and laptop  – accessible even in the absence of an internet connection. Your team has access to all the data they need at anytime.

Backup & privacy

With OneDrive, your critical data is saved online by default, so it is backed up automatically. All files that are stored in OneDrive are private by default.

Access files & collaborate at same place

OneDrive offers a single repository for accessing all data related to your work. It allows you to create, edit or share documents with others.

Powerful Office Applications to do work – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & more

With Office 365 solution, you get the license to use all the reliable Office tools that you have been using since long.


Most basic, most widely used, and most important tool for making professional documents.


Who doesn’t work on Excel J? Get insight in your data, do calculations and arrive at results.


Design attractive presentations to showcase your ideas to the audience.


You can take all your notes with you anywhere with OneNote as it is like a digital notebook for everything you want to remember, like meeting notes, capturing to-dos, etc.


Simple and familiar tools that can be used for creating and sharing personalized and professional-looking publications.


Manage your contacts, email, to-do items and schedules. Utilize Outlook for complete communication with all your contacts.

Services ZNetLive offers:

Buy Domain Names

Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Server

What’s more?

 Assurance from Microsoft & ZNetLive:

Office 365 comes with Microsoft’s financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee and ZNetLive’s personal 24×7 support.

What makes ZNetLive so confident about the power of Office 365

We at ZNetLive have been using Microsoft Office 365 ourselves since last 2 years, and having seen it’s performance first hand with our 60+ member team, we can confidently recommend it to all businesses, fully assured that it will satisfy all their needs.

Something good for ZNetLive’s current customers

All of ZNetLive’s customers get a FLAT 15% OFF on an Office 365 plan of their choice. Use the coupon code “MYBUSINESS” to get the discount while placing the order 🙂

Office 365 is a business productivity software that ZNetLive deeply believes in, and we are very proud to extend it to all businesses. Please use the comments section below for any queries you’ve regarding Office 365 and how it can increase your organization’s business productivity.

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