Becoming the fastest growing content management system with each passing day, WordPress is proving to be the most preferred choice of web professionals – including bloggers, designers, start-ups, agencies, amateurs and of many others in the website designing and development space.

With this growing momentum, more and more sites now run on WordPress, be it galleries, tutorials, forums or blogs. A recent research showed that 1 in every 5 websites is now powered by WordPress.

Why specialized WordPress Hosting is the need of the day

WordPress sites run great on shared hosting – but only till the time you are a small business or till the time your requirements are limited. WordPress sites hosted on shared servers running multiple CMSs and apps experience conflicts.

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Thus, it has become a necessity to provide WordPress users with a niche hosting environment especially optimized for WordPress.

Introducing – ZNetlive’s WordPress Web Hosting

At ZNetLive, we apply what we learn from the industry research and from collecting feedback from our customers.

The reason behind launching specialized WordPress Hosting is simple – instead of offering a ‘one-size-fit-all hosting’, we want to cater to the specific needs of WordPress web professionals – – providing solid compatibility, optimization, security, automation and speed.

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ZNetlive’s WordPress Hosting environment is crafted and architectured with developers and designers who’re WordPress’ top contributors.

With huge powerful and optimized resources, we make sure that any WordPress website hosted with us never misses a beat.

WordPress Hosting

Three key tenets that make ZNetLive’s WordPress Hosting Rock Solid

#1 Complete Automation

Automatic WordPress Installation

WordPress comes automatically installed with all ZNetLive’s WordPress hosting plan, so you get a WordPress ready environment to get set and go with your business plans 🙂

Automatic Core Updates

WordPress sites are mostly compromised due to outdated core files or plugins. But our WordPress hosting gives you peace of mind as you don’t need to take pains to frequently update your WordPress site to the latest versions of WordPress. We will upgrade it to the latest version automatically as and when it’s available.

Optimized WP configuration

WordPress hosting server is especially optimized for WordPress environment and therefore no other CMS or application exist on the same server. Thus, it provides complete freedom from all kinds of conflicts that may arise from any other CMS or application residing on the server.

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Automated Daily Backups

We take regular daily backup of your WordPress site so that in case of some unforeseen mishap, you don’t have to suffer any loss 🙂

#2 Solid SSD Infrastructure & Security

The fastest, most efficient SSD WordPress Hosting

Solid state drive powered WordPress Hosting provides increased performance, speed and reliability over the traditional hard drives. Each WordPress account with ZNetLive comes with 20 GB SSD Storage space.

With all your data stored and accessed from Solid State Drives at blazing fast speeds whenever a visitor lands on your website, you can be assured of 100% customer satisfaction 🙂

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Advanced NGINX architecture

NGINX is the world’s most popular open-source web server and reverse proxy server for high-traffic websites. The lightweight and versatile NGINX web server can be configured for various different tasks that are demanded by many modern websites. It can act as an HTTP cache, load balancer and a web server (origin server).

The NGINX project focuses strongly on low memory utilization, high performance and high concurrency.

Our WordPress Hosting utilizes this advanced NGINX architecture to improve security, accelerate application and content delivery and facilitate scalability and availability for the busiest web sites on the World Wide Web, which may include yours. 🙂

Solid Server-level protection

Your site is safe with us! In case of any attack or vulnerability, we develop and deploy protection at the server level. You also get ZNetLive’s malware scanning tool with your WordPress hosting account, which performs automatic cleanup of malware while continuously monitoring your reputation and blacklisting.

AI-powered Backup Solution

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Account Isolation

We will provide you with a separate cPanel account. That way, your site will remain safe even in case of existence of some vulnerable accounts.

#3 Control in your hand

WordPress Staging

WordPress hosting at ZNetLive has an exclusive ‘staging’ feature. It allows you to easily and safely test and deploy changes to their WordPress site by first creating a complete copy of your site which is set up in a safe, secluded area. Here, the user can test the changes without making any real changes to the live environment. Use staging to securely play with any changes on your site and propagate them only when you are completely satisfied with them. 🙂

WP-CLI pre-installed

ZNetLive’s WordPress hosting comes pre-installed with WP-CLI, the command-line tools, which you can use to manage your WordPress installations. They allow you to manage your WordPress; update WP plugins; perform multisite installations; and a lot more, through the command line itself, without the need of a web browser.

Use Any Theme or Plugin

Be your own boss! Only our WordPress hosting allows you to install and use any WordPress plugin or theme of any third party vendor on your site.

FTP access to WordPress files

FTP is a fast and standard way of uploading or downloading files between the local system and the web server over the internet. FTP access to your WordPress files enable you to download your WordPress files for making a manual WordPress backup, manually add desired plugins and themes, update installed themes and plugins manually, customize them and a lot more.

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Web-based control panel

ZNetLive’s WordPress hosting comes with cPanel, a web based easy to use and powerful control panel that allows you to manage your WordPress site quickly and easily. It enables website owners to quickly, easily and reliably manage their servers, email accounts, security, databases, applications, FTP and all aspects of their website through a single pane of glass. Using cPanel’s web based interface, users are able to accomplish their tasks faster and can set their websites easily.

WordPress Hosting at ZNetLive come with FREE Business Mail, Domain & SSL Certificate

Each WordPress Hosting account at ZNetLive comes with free Business Email service with 2GB storage per email ID and ability to create unlimited email IDs.

In addition to this, you also get a lot of freebies, including one domain name registration, an SSL certificate, Google Adwords Credit to market your business, StopTheHacker-malware scanning tool and NetCraft-Phishing compromise alert service.

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In case you have any queries regarding this write-up or our WordPress hosting, please use the comments section below. I will be more than willing to answer 🙂

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