Office 365: Your Complete Office In The Cloud (3)- Secure 1 TB Online Cloud Storage with OneDrive for Business

Office 365 OneDrive

In today’s high-strung world, all of us are on our toes to stay on top of our business. In order to remain competitive, we require anywhere, anytime access to all our business data and tools in a secure environment.

Microsoft’s Office 365 comes with OneDrive for Business, which provides one secure place where we can access all our business data anytime from anywhere.

It’s online storage that provides all the benefits associated with cloud, including the capability of storing, syncing, sharing, collaborating and easily managing all your files in real-time, thereby, making sure that every employee of yours stays on the same page.

It also allows you to save your contacts, emails and other documents in the cloud. It offers enterprise-grade storage for enterprise productivity, without enterprise-grade costs 🙂

Secure 1TB Online File Storage & Sharing

OneDrive provides 1TB per person storage space in the cloud as part of Office 365 subscription. Files stored in it are accessible from any device, can get synced to mobile devices or laptop and since they are in the cloud, they are also accessible in the absence of an internet connection so that you can work upon them anytime, anywhere.

They automatically get re-synched back to the updated version in the cloud as soon as the internet connection becomes available.

Thus, if you have OneDrive, downtime cannot slow you or your business down 🙂

Data Security & Backup

  • Backup: With OneDrive, since your critical data is saved online by default, so it is backed up automatically and thus, there is prevention from loss of productivity and critical business data from any mishap to your computer – damage, failure and theft or during employee turnover.
  • Privacy: All files that are stored in OneDrive are private by default. You can decide to share a file with all your colleagues by placing it in the ‘Share with everyone’ folder. Depending upon your organizational permissions and settings, you can also share a file with people outside your organization by signing in to Office 365.

Access Files & Collaborate At Same Place

OneDrive offers a single repository for accessing all data related to your work. It allows you to create, edit or share documents with others as well as ask for document feedback through comments.

Assurance from Microsoft

Microsoft provides a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee and assurance that OneDrive will keep your online files safe.

Thus, Office 365 offers you OneDrive to provide your customers with a consistent and complete data storage and backup experience.

Note: This blog post is the third & last part of three post series on the features of Office 365. First and second part are already live.

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