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What is Akamai Connected Cloud? Explained in Detail.

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Akamai Connected Cloud

In recent years, cloud computing has grown significantly, becoming a key component of the infrastructure for modern business and technology initiatives. Its evolution from providing simple ‘as-a-service’ solutions to a comprehensive platform for advanced applications and services has significantly impacted data management and software deployment.

Cloud computing has contributed a great deal to the manageability of digital transformation for many organizations. In order to meet the dynamic demands of digital initiatives, the cloud offers high scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Among the key players in this technological revolution is Akamai Technologies. Known primarily for its powerful content delivery network (CDN), Akamai has carved out a niche in accelerating and securing internet experiences. The innovation-driven company has consistently adapted to the changing dynamics of the internet, cementing its position as a leader in digital technology.

In February 2023, Akamai introduced its latest innovation – the Akamai Connected Cloud. This launch has changed our perception of cloud services. ZNet Technologies is Akamai’s first official distributor in India, bringing a level of authenticity and specialized access to Akamai’s advanced cloud services.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the Akamai Connected Cloud, exploring how it’s redefining cloud computing and highlighting its unique benefits and features.

Understanding Akamai Connected Cloud

Basic Concept

Users today crave lightning-fast online experiences, but legacy cloud struggles with scale, agility, and cost. Complexity explodes as developers innovate at breakneck speed to please demanding users. Businesses, squeezed by funding constraints, seek better solutions. The need of the hour is the decentralized cloud: an open, adaptable canvas for building and delivering seamless experiences across the globe. Unlike the limitations of siloed, centralized cloud models, this open cloud concept empowers businesses to unlock innovation, optimize costs, and deliver experiences users dream of, at the scale they need.

Introduction to Akamai Connected Cloud

Akamai Connected Cloud is essentially a large-scale distributed platform that spreads across both edge and cloud computing. It focuses on delivering cloud computing services, ensuring secure content delivery, and boosting overall performance and speed in application development. By bringing together these elements, the platform aims to address various needs where and when they arise, while also tackling common cloud challenges such as cost and performance optimization. Akamai’s core cloud tenets:

  • Distributed
  • Open.
  • Easy to use.
  • Focused.
  • Developer-centric.

The Akamai Connected Cloud is designed to deliver robust, enterprise-level cloud solutions on a global scale. It brings cloud computing services like computing power, storage, and databases closer to where they’re needed most — be it near your customers, specific industries, or vital IT hubs.

cloud computing services

This approach allows developers to concentrate on their coding operations while Akamai efficiently manages the underlying infrastructure. It aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring that applications are delivered timely and precisely where your users need them. Moreover, Akamai’s competitive pricing strategy for data transfer mirrors the cost-efficiency of CDNs. This aspect is particularly notable as it promises significantly lower rates than many other cloud providers, thus enhancing your cloud’s return on investment (ROI).

Efficient in Several Key Areas

Integrating Akamai Connected Cloud into your operations can lead to enhanced efficiency in several key areas:

  • Energy Efficiency: By being a distributed platform, Akamai Connected Cloud operates closer to end-users. This proximity means data travels shorter distances, leading to reduced energy consumption compared to traditional cloud setups.
  • Emission Reduction: With less energy required, the Akamai Connected Cloud contributes to a lower emission footprint. This is a significant advantage over traditional cloud models which might consume more power and, consequently, emit more carbon.
  • Resource Utilization: The platform enhances how resources are used. By processing data closer to its source or the end user, the Akamai Connected Cloud ensures more efficient workload management.
  • Reliability and Resilience: A key feature of Akamai Connected Cloud is its ability to increase system reliability and resilience. This improvement can reduce the chances of downtime, which is not only beneficial operationally but also from an environmental standpoint.
  • Sustainable Performance: Operational efficiency is at the heart of Akamai Connected Cloud. It aims to improve the performance of its products and services sustainably to align with modern environmental and corporate responsibility standards.

Akamai Connected Cloud: 6 Compelling Benefits

Akamai Connected Cloud

  1. Experience at the Edge: Build and deploy apps and workloads closer to users, devices, and data centers. Achieve sub-second response times, keeping customers engaged and coming back for more.
  2. Innovation Unbound: Simplify the developer experience and provide unparalleled innovation. Akamai’s open platform empowers developers with tool choice, workload portability, and comprehensive documentation, fostering a thriving environment for new ideas.
  3. Smarter Spending, Greater Impact: Stay within your budget with flat-rate, transparent pricing and minimal egress fees. Cut egress bills by 90% and cloud costs by 70%, maximizing your resources and driving growth.
  4. Reach Beyond Borders: Expand your reach to new markets and connect with users globally, even in remote locations. Grow your business on your terms, unlocking new revenue streams and boundless possibilities.
  5. Reliability Built In: Mitigate the risk of application failure with geographically distributed development and deployment. If one site encounters issues, others keep your application running seamlessly, ensuring high availability and user satisfaction.
  6. Unchain Your Choice: Escape vendor lock-in and multi-year contracts. Choose the tools, platforms, and technologies that best suit your needs, with the freedom to move workloads and applications with ease. Build on the platform that delivers optimal performance and aligns with your unique business requirements.

Many businesses have worries about using larger cloud services. Akamai Connected Cloud promises to be easy to use, reliable, and more cost-effective. This provides exceptional value to businesses, helping them serve their clients better.

Wrapping up the Digital Cloud Journey with Akamai Connected Cloud

Akamai Connected Cloud is a transformative force in cloud computing. We are committed to redefining your digital experience through focus on security, performance, and cost-efficiency. With Akamai Connected Cloud, businesses can operate with the confidence that their data is secure, their applications are delivered with agility, and their investments yield substantial returns.

For businesses seeking out cloud solutions that offer both technical excellence, zero vendor lock-in and economic viability, Akamai Connected Cloud is a standout choice.

If you’re looking for ways to grow and innovate your business, consider partnering with us. Contact our sales team at [email protected].

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