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Ensure Business Continuity with Cybersecurity Solutions

Switch to smart way of business protection

Microsoft Azure Cloud
Superior cybersecurity expertise

Outsource your corporate data protection to us. We invest significant time to understand backup and cybersecurity implementation procedures inside, out so you don't have to.
Microsoft Azure Cloud services
Easier management and scalability

Offload maintenance and management to us, instead of worrying about managing storage at an off-site location.
Azure Cloud services
Enhanced data safety

Safeguard your data by keeping a copy off-site. By backing up corporate data remotely, you avoid simultaneously destroying both original data and backups should a occur.

Plan and Pricing

Acronis Backup by ZNetLive

Plans (GB)
Monthly Price
10% discount on Annual Billing
Effective Price Per GB Per Month
One time Setup
Plans (GB) 50
Quota Unlimited
Monthly Price 6.43
Effective Price 0.13
One time Setup 12.00
Plans (GB) 100
Quota Unlimited
Monthly Price 12.86
Effective Price 0.13
One time Setup 12.00
Plans (GB) 200
Quota Unlimited
Monthly Price 25.71
Effective Price 0.13
One time Setup 12.00
Plans (GB) 500
Quota Unlimited
Monthly Price 64.28
Effective Price 0.13
One time Setup 12.00
Plans (GB) 1000
Quota Unlimited
Monthly Price 128.57
Effective Price 0.13
One time Setup 12.00
Plans (GB) 1200
Quota Unlimited
Monthly Price 154.28
Effective Price 0.13
One time Setup 12.00
Plans (GB) 1500
Quota Unlimited
Monthly Price 192.85
Effective Price 0.13
One time Setup 12.00

Why ZNetLive?

Superior technology, world leading data protection solutions befitting all business environments
Online Meetings
World-class technology
ZNetLive provides best next generation data protection for physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments.
Office Tools
Technical expertise
Our technical experts can guide you in product deployment and usage, helping you to make maximum out of your investment.
Office 365 Pricing
99.9% uptime guarantee
With ZNetLive, you get a monthly uptime of 99.9% along with financially backed SLA.
Buy Office 365
Simple pricing with no upfront costs
Eliminate expensive equipment and backup software purchases. Protect your systems and data at an affordable, predictable, monthly rate.
Office Applications
Unmatched storage options
Comply with business requirements and industry regulations by choosing the right storage. Store backups on premises, in ZNetLive Cloud Storage or public clouds.
File Sharing
ZNetLive support
You get reputed support from ZNetLive technical team. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for backup solutions.

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