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Azure Cloud Backup and Archive

Cost-effective protection of data and applications, wherever they reside

Retain your data and applications for long periods of time, secure them, irrespective of wherever they reside and get near-zero data loss.

Hassle free backups

Improve productivity, remove the complexities of tape backups and those of in- house management with simplified solutions like managed backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage. Also get easy restoration of applications and data from the cloud.
Cost effective to scale

With low cost, tiered backup storage in the cloud solution that's massively scalable, grow your enterprise data exponentially while lowering forecasting risks along with reducing deployment and management costs.
Secure and reliable

Your backed-up data is secure as it is stored in geo-replicated storage which maintains six copies of your data across two Azure datacenters.

Why us?

We act as your trusted service provider and help you adopt and define a holistic business continuity strategy.
We are committed to deliver data protection to our customers, irrespective of where it resides - in their own datacenter, public cloud or a colocation facility or remote/branch offices.
Achieve efficiency and scalability with us. We promise 99.9% service availability for your peace of mind.
We offer services that run in a high-availability environment and are regularly patched and supported, leaving you to concentrate on your business instead of environment maintenance worries.

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