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Managed Azure Kubernetes

Deploy and manage Kubernetes on Azure

Azure Kubernetes allows you to build, deliver, and scale containerized applications faster.

Operate faster with ease
The fully managed Kubernetes service helps you deploy, manage, debug, and upgrade containerized applications more easily. With this, you can accelerate the entire process of containerized application development and automate routine tasks within a few clicks.
Operate faster
Complete security and governance
Azure Kubernetes comes with added security components of Azure including network security groups and orchestrated cluster upgrades. Together, these security components can keep your AKS cluster secure with the latest OS updates, releases, and more.
Complete security
Enhanced operational efficiency
With managed Azure Kubernetes Service, you can automate your routine tasks, enjoy automated provisioning, repair, monitor, and scale your applications faster and in a completely secure environment. Faster operations help you cut down on repetitive tasks and minimize infrastructure maintenance.
operational efficiency
Run workloads in cloud, edge, or as hybrid
Built on Azure intelligent cloud solution, you can run your application workloads in the cloud, the edge, or in a hybrid environment. You can easily move your .NET applications to Windows Server containers or run microservices apps in the public cloud – you get complete freedom with Azure.
workloads in cloud

The ZNetLive Advantage

We can help you accelerate your legacy application innovations using Azure Kubernetes – right from the operations till management and support.
Data Protection for SMBs

NodeFirst support

With us, focus less on infrastructure management and more on innovation. Our 24x7 NodeFirst support is tailored to monitor and take care of your containerized applications.
Data Protection for Mid-Size Businesses

Build applications faster

We provide guidance to help you configure Azure Kubernetes tailored to meet your unique business requirements.
Data Protection for Enterprise

Deploy Kubernetes cluster faster

We have an in-house team of experts who can help you deploy a multi-node AKS cluster. We can also take care of the updates, so you don't have to worry about a thing.
Data Protection for SMBs

99.9 percent uptime guarantee

We understand the value of continuity for your business. Hence, we offer 99.9 percent uptime guarantee backed with industry-leading SLA.

We're the Microsoft Cloud Veterans

ZNetLive works closely with Microsoft to give you the best cloud hosting experience.