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Complete 360o Support for Microsoft Azure Stack

To Help You Realize Full Potential of World's Most Consistent Hybrid Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure Stack – the world's first unmatched and truly consistent platform for hybrid cloud, enables enterprises to develop applications in their datacenter and on cloud, seamlessly in one Azure environment. Microsoft Azure Stack being consistent with the most used public cloud – Microsoft Azure, takes app development to a completely new level with velocity and control to create, deploy and test apps either on enterprise datacenter or on the cloud.

With diminished boundaries between datacenter and the cloud, Azure Stack enables enterprises to realize full potential of public cloud environment like agility and scalability, while retaining complete security and control of the private cloud environment.

But implementing Microsoft Azure Stack is no child's play as it requires expertise in handling Microsoft Cloud. ZNetLive, being a Microsoft partner has been working on Microsoft cloud products for long, so you can rest assured that you've complete deployment and operational support for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Features of Azure Stack Support

Microsoft Azure Stack
One support stop for Azure

No need to run from pillar to post. We provide completely unified support for Azure cloud and Azure Stack cloud including platform elements like hardware, VMs etc. at a single place. Our Azure experts provide round the clock assistance in creating, installing, operating, monitoring and optimizing cloud environments using Azure Stack.
Azure Stack Support
Assurance and trust with expertise of handling Microsoft Cloud services

We are the first Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) in Rajasthan, India, and have been working closely with Microsoft for over a decade. Our Microsoft cloud management services have benefitted end customers to be digitally transformed. We have the skills and expertise to support your move to Microsoft Azure Stack.
Azure Stack cloud
Secure services assurance

With managed Microsoft Azure Stack, you can select our Uptime Certified data centers for hosting your Azure Stack cloud. Our trained technical experts will take care of application and infrastructure security with regular health check monitoring and will recommend security services from time to time to help you meet regulatory compliances.

Benefits of ZNetLive Support for Azure Stack

Azure Stack can be used along with Azure Public Cloud for creating a hybrid cloud infrastructure or can be used as an on premise private cloud.

  • One Azure ecosystem saves you from the hassles of creating and deploying apps separately on private and public cloud. Now create apps only once – save time and resources.

  • An extension of Microsoft Azure platform, Azure Stack helps you implement same capabilities that Azure public cloud offers, within your own data center. It's the safest way to have security and control over your business-critical data.

  • Azure Stack provides you the scalability to increase resources per your needs, on demand.

  • You get the best of both worlds- data isolation along with the capability to store and analyze huge volume of raw data on premise, while scalability and geo-availability associated with public cloud.

  • We provide round the clock Azure Stack support in the form of necessary expertise and resources that you'll need for building, deploying and managing your Azure Stack.

Azure Stack Service

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