Ongoing Support throughout your Azure journey

We have everything covered
Support Team
Dedicated Technical Manager
  • Your SPOC for ongoing Azure services
Yes Yes
Architectural Support
  • Guidance from Microsoft Azure experts for best Azure architecture
Basic (Standard) Customization per application requirement.
OS Support
  • Template Deployment
  • Patching
  • Extension Support
  • Managed Backup
  • OS level Troubleshooting (Windows/Linux)
No Yes
Resource Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Performed by ZNetLive Technical Team depending upon customer requirement
Yes Yes
Microsoft Azure Premier Support
  • Assistance on customer's behalf
Yes Yes
Account Review
  • On basis of Microsoft best practices and ZNetLive Technical Team's recommendation
  • Cost Optimization
  • Alert and Performance Reviews
No Yes
Response Time
  • Depending upon the criticality of the issue
P3: < 24 Hours
P2: < 4 Hours
P3: < 4 Hours
P2: < 2 Hours
P1: < 1 Hours
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Tools Support
Access to Azure Best Practices Knowledgebase
  • Reference architecture of Microsoft Azure
  • FAQs
Yes Yes
Azure Monitoring
  • Alert Automation
  • Integration with RackNap
IaaS level Only From Azure Customer Portal
RackNap Portal Support for Azure Operations
Yes Yes
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Add-On Services
Migration Support
  • Guided migration from any Cloud or on premises environment to Azure
Add-On Yes
DevOps Professional Support
Add-On Add-On
Managed Identity
  • IDaaS Support
  • Users and Group Sync
  • Application Integration
  • Support Services
- Yes

Microsoft Azure Support – Plans & Pricing

Monthly Usage
Upto 101.26 NA NA
101.26 - 316.45 126.58 696.19
316.45 - 632.90 189.87 759.48
632.90 - 1,265.80 316.45 1,012.64
1,265.80 - 2,531.60 126.58
+ 20% of Azure consumed
+ 20% of Azure consumed
Beyond 2,531.60 189.87
+ 15% of Azure consumed
+ 15% of Azure consumed
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