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5 top reasons why your website loads slow and what are the ways to improve website speed?

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What is the importance of website speed in an online business environment?

What do you imagine your website visitors to be? Startups, small business owners and others but they visit your site with one common expectation that your website should load within a blink of their eye.

It has been seen that websites which exceed average website load time or average page load time i.e. which take more than 2- 3 seconds to load are often not impressive for the site visitors and also effect search engine rankings too.

A study titled “Why web performance matters: is your site driving customers away?” by Gomez, revealed that an online visitor expects a webpage to load in two seconds or less – and after three to five seconds, as many as 40 % of them abandon a site.

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Read details in a report by Forrester.

Most of the web shoppers who experience loading issues with the website, especially e-commerce ones, will not return to buy again due to their poor experience.

The below graph shows how your website speed has a direct influence on the sales conversion rates.

Load time and website performance

This signifies why website speed matters – you lose precious conversions if your site loads slow thus, a difference of few seconds can result in huge revenue loss for your online business. So, to increase your revenue, it’s essential to have a look on your website speed and performance optimization as this is the only win-win approach to keep your site’s visitors happy. 🙂

Here are few examples:

  • Mozilla made its pages load 2.2 seconds faster. As a result, they saw 60 million more Firefox downloads per year.

  • Amazon loses 1% of sales for every 100ms it takes their site to load.

  • Shopzilla also reduced their loading time by 2 seconds. This resulted in a 9.5% increase in the revenue and a 25% increase in page views.

Thus, slow loading website is frustrating for growing business as it results into increased bounce rate and less traffic.

In this post, we have tried to answer some common but important questions like Why is my website so slow to load? How do I reduce website loading time? What are some ways to improve website speed? How do I make my website load faster?

What are the most common reasons for a slow website response time?

Let’s see the top 5 reasons that make your website load slowly and their solutions:

  1. Heavy Image size: If you are using un-optimized images, they use a lot of server resources being heavier, and thus your site takes longer time to load. But don’t worry, you can reduce the size of your image without losing its pixel quality by making the use of tools like WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer (for WordPress users).

    If your image size is approx. 100 KB, then it will quickly open. It’s good if you use “CSS based icons” instead of images, as icons are generally smaller in size. The appropriate image resolution for a website is 72 dpi (dots per inch).

    loading time affects your website performance

  2. Bad server configuration: If you have a hosting plan in which features like compression and HTTP Keep-Alive are disabled by your vendor to run multiple sites on a single server, then it can be one of the main reasons of reduced loading time of website.

    These features help you overcome the problem of slow loading. If you enable the Keep-Alive feature, then you can send and receive many HTTP requests with the same TCP connection. Hence, you will get improved performance as then there will be no need to open a new connection for each and every request.

    The second feature – compression, reduces the size of your files when sending them from your server to the browser. As a result, your files are transferred with much improved speed. Thus, it’s essential to check that your provider enables these features in the hosting plan you buy.

  3. More use of JS and CSS files: If there are a lot of JavaScript and CSS files on your website, then your visitors’ systems are not able to treat these files individually. It leads to an increase in the number of requests that eventually slows your website. Thus, it’s good to minimize use of JS and CSS files. You can try cssnano to minify CSS and Closure Compiler to minify JS. Hence, by using them, you can reduce page load time to a great extent.

  4. Extra themes, plugins, and comments: If you are using WordPress, and your dashboard is overloaded with unwanted plugins, themes and comments then, yes your website loads slowly. Removing these unutilized plugins, inactive themes, and those accumulated extra comments is a smart way to decrease the WordPress website page load time and boost WordPress performance optimization. 

    One more thing that’s essential is to clear unnecessary lines of code as heavy files like JS, CSS and HTML already make your server work harder. By removing these unwanted “commented codes” from the backend, you can easily make your website load faster.

5. Excessive usage of social media scripts: If there are too many social media scripts on your website, then it can kill your website’s performance. Although those sharing options at the end of your each post allows your user to easily share your posts but it’s not good to load all the sharing options at each and every single page (e.g. at the contact page) as they add a lot of load to your website.

Social Media script for social-icons-bar

Thus, adding 1 or 2 scripts are enough if they perform well for you. So, always think twice before adding any social media script on the page of your website.

How can I improve website page speed?

Now it’s your turn:

  1. Test your website speed

    After implementing the above suggestions, you can go ahead and conduct website speed test to check the difference. You can check the load time of website via Webpage Analyzer, Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights

    5 Reasons Your Website Loads Slow and It's Solution

  2. Get a better host for your website

    Does a web hosting company determine the speed of your website? Strange but yes.

    The web host also plays an important role for your website speed. So it’s better to invest in a reliable web host. Go to a provider that takes care of your growing business needs like ZNetLive, the best reliable and secure website hosting provider. We offer free migration services.

    With us, you get dedicated server hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting on enterprise-grade hardware and customized cloud solutions on pay-as-you-go model. As the location of server matters a lot for your website speed, you can select any nearby facility from a number of geo-present ZNetLive datacenters too. With a wide range of solutions that we offer, you can smoothly and efficiently run your business and scale as per its growing needs.

  Watch the video below to know how things have changed for Netleon after associating with ZNetLive.

 You can also download the case study of Netleon Technologies here .

Hope you use our suggestions on how to make website load faster and get blazing fast website speed. Let me know the changes you observe, in the comments below.

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Read details in a report by IDC.

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