Have you ever heard of the Spiderman? Wrong question. Everyone knows him, obviously.


Just as he is always available to help his city whenever needed in reel life, what if you have someone just as reliable to look after your IT infrastructure. No headaches associated with employing and managing expensive technical manpower, anymore. Wow. isn’t it?

So, let’s come to the point now. It is actually feasible to have your IT infrastructure managed completely by an IT service provider like us – we can manage everything related to your hardware and software.

With ZNetLive, you get the freedom from managing your infrastructure with cloud solutions like Cloud VPS, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Microsoft Azure Public Cloud and infrastructure management services like hardware as a service, on premise datacenter and infrastructure as a service. So whether you are an SMB, a large enterprise or a startup, it makes business sense to focus on making sales and marketing strategies, rather than toiling for your infrastructure management.

Here’s an overview of our infrastructure services:

  1. On-premise datacenter: With the plug and play datacenter infrastructure on-premise, you can drive your business growth from existing infrastructure and thus, reduce your IT costs with the following benefits –

    • Get 99.982% uptime so that you can enjoy seamless business operations.

    • You can scale as per your business needs with the off-rack components provided.</

    • You can do migration and re-assembling of your on premise data center anywhere within a short period of time.

    • You can save approx. 40% opex as it provides cost-efficient designing in the same space.

    • You can get better ROI with power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.6.

    In addition to all these benefits, with ZNetLive, you also get in-built control tools and 24X7 monitoring for better management, regular maintenance and rectification of faults. You also get to choose the datacenter type per your needs –

    Type of DatacenterBest suited forManage IT loads upto
    Integrated Cabinet DatacenterSmall branch or office with requirement of up to 20 servers4KW
    Integrated Row DatacenterSMBs with requirement of up to 50 servers30KW
    Dual Row DatacenterBig organizations30KW to 300KW
  2. Co-location in state-of-the-art datacenter services: With ZNetLive, you can get the advantage of redundancy and elasticity with affordable and diverse geo-presence to grow as per your needs.

    Check out the adjustable, affordable and apt co-location data center hosting plans.


    • With 24x7x365 in-house DC management experts, you will get multilevel security protocols, fully redundant power and cooling systems, bandwidth and network monitoring, and so on.

    • You can set your business at multiple locations with zero hassles as the colocation facilities are Tier IV datacenters, privately owned by ZNetLive in Mumbai and Delhi at present to manage your complete infrastructure.

    • You can completely customize the colocation solutions – 1U, 2U racks, half or full racks, quarter cabinet and cages as per your requirements.

  3. Hardware–as-a service (HaaS): With ZNetLive, you get the advantage to run your services on the most advanced hardware without buying it. It’s a secure, scalable, cost-effective solution with the latest IT equipment and hardware. As hardware as a service is a part of our managed IT services, so issues like back-up, maintenance, depreciation, licensing, and more are covered by us. Hence, you can completely concentrate on the growth of your business of any size with state of the art hardware.

    To know the benefits of using complete IT infrastructure from ZNetLive, read our blog on – “Top 5 benefits of outsourcing your complete IT Infrastructure“.


    You can get:

    • Hardware as a Service for web hosting industry: You can choose hardware related to web hosting industry – routers, switches, firewalls, bare metal servers and more.

    • Hardware as a Service for e-commerce solutions: You can customize the hardware services to get private or hybrid cloud for a reliable and safe environment.

    • Hardware as a Service for Software-as-a-Service: With HaaS, you get more control with BGP management. You can add load balancer of your own as well as increase your reach to your users by Anycast.

    • Hardware as a Service for Disaster Recovery: With HaaS, you will get affordable backup hardware and network connections.

No boundaries for your infrastructure

With the ZNetLive’s hybrid model of MS Azure infrastructure services, you get the super-consistent experience across datacenter and cloud deployments. You can:

  • build new applications or websites to give your business a global presence.

  • scale infrastructure in a moment’s notice.

  • reduce backup, storage, and recovery costs.

  • monitor and manage your infrastructure from a consistent platform across clouds without any need of expensive technical manpower.


With us as your IT infrastructure and cloud hosting provider, you can rest assured that we will easily manage your IT hardware and infrastructure with our affordable and scalable infrastructure solutions.

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