6 Things You Can Use To Monitor Your Team

“My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better.”- Steve Jobs.

I know you must be thinking how difficult it must be for those working under him. But good managers monitor their teams not for ‘checking them up’ but for guiding them in reaching their deadlines timely and making them more efficient in the process.

So team monitoring is important but what matters more is how you do it. If you intrude upon your team, it kills their creativity and thought process. Someone once said “freedom drives creativity.”

Thus, we have come up with few tools through which you can monitor and manage your team without sitting on their heads…:)

1. Presence Indicator

Skype for Business helps you to see the contact card of everyone along with their current status- Available/Busy/ Away/ Do not disturb, through which you can easily see whether your team mate is available or busy in meeting.

From it, you can also connect quickly by sending an e-mail or instant message or start a call either with any of the team members or with a group instantly, just with one click.

Skype for business-Office 365

2. Tools which allow online reviewing of documents

With OneDrive of MS Office 365, you can easily monitor the progress of any project or task as it gives you an immediate access to view them and share them as links.

You can review and edit (at the same time) any presentation, document, or file shared by your team members, respectively.

This tool gives visibility into your team‘s work and quick turn arounds. Great way to monitor the work flow!

3. Conversation History

In the course of monitoring your team, did you ever felt the need to go back and view a previous instant messaging (IM) conversation that contained some specific task status or a URL, or view your calls and IM history or may be delete some previous message?

Well Skype for Business lets you do all this via conversation history. By default, all your incoming and outgoing communication with your contacts is saved in Conversation History folder in the Microsoft Outlook mailbox. This allows you to review any previous conversations, find missed conversations and prevent any conflicts.

Skype for Business-office 365

4. Message tracing

Being a manager, you can use the message trace feature of Office 365 to get detailed information about individual messages, to determine the status of the email messages -received, failed, deferred, or delivered by the team to know events that have occurred to the message before reaching its final status.

This important feature of MS office enables you to efficiently monitor mail flows and troubleshoot mail flow issues.

5. Mail Protection Reports

Microsoft Office Exchange Online tool provides you with different reports that help you to keep a check on outgoing and incoming emails, live of the team members .You can also check spam and malware sent or received in mails which helps you to protect sensitive data before it is sent out of your office.

6. Unified Messaging call reports

With Office 365 you can monitor voice mail calls forwarded to or placed by Unified Messaging (UM) by accessing Unified Messaging call statistic reports and call logs of the team members using UM systems.

All the above- mentioned applications will certainly help you in monitoring your team efficiently and improve work- flow of your organization.

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