Is slapping up banner ads the only way of affiliate marketing?

Earn Good Income through Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are among the best ways to earn a steady stream of decent income. There are many affiliates who earn a monthly commission totting up to 5 and 6 figures. But, to be honest, most of the affiliates are not able to earn a good income (or no-income at all.) Why? Because many of them just slap up an affiliate banner on their site and think that they are done! They want to earn passively…….just too literally!

If you are one of them or are thinking of joining an affiliate program to earn handsomely, here are some tips that will help you earn really good from an affiliate program:

Offer Discount Coupons to the Visitors

Ask the merchant for exclusive affiliate discounts to instantly encourage your visitors for purchasing directly through your affiliate link. Like, at ZNetLive affiliate programs we offer exclusive discounts for our affiliates. For example: If a plan is priced at $25 at our company’s site, the same plan will be priced at $20 at our affiliates’ link.

Such special/exclusive discount offers attract three instant reactions that can turn visitors into clients:

  1. Wow Feeling: “Something Special For me, let’s check it out!”
  2. Me-Too feeling: “At this discounted price, I can certainly afford it”
  3. Catch-it-before-it-ends feeling: “Let’s buy the plan before the offer ends”

Understandably, the client would buy from affiliate link to save $5, earning you commission!

Link to the right landing pages

One of the very common mistakes that most affiliates make is to direct the visitors to the homepage, instead of product page. No reader wants to waste the time (and reading experience!) by searching through the multitude of options from company’s homepage! So always make sure to link directly to products/offers page. Simple common sense!

Use Social Posting

Social posting is one of the excellent ways of selling through affiliate links without wasting much time. Social media sites have large following and they encourage users to interact instantly: comment, share, like, etc.

It does not require too much research, in-depth subject knowledge or writing skills. Besides, posts can be shared on multiple social sites thus offering wider reach with multiplied selling opportunities. Some of the ZNetLive’s Top earning affiliates majorly rely on social posting and we actively help them with professionally designed social media banners, discount banners, etc.

Email Marketing can help

Email marketing is one of the best ways to earn a good affiliate commission. Email marketing has helped many of ZNetLive’s affiliates to earn loads of affiliate commission. So, if you also know someone who might be interested in buying a product sold by your merchant (an old buddy searching web hosting provider and you are an affiliate of web hosting company), just drop them a mail with affiliate link.

Avail Content Writing Services

For selling through your blog, you need to be an excellent writer. However if your writing style is a perfect reader-repeller (No pun intended!), content writing service is a boon. Many merchants provide professional, relevant content to their affiliates at (absolutely no cost) that they can use in their blogs along with hyperlinks. You just need to ask for it.

At ZNetLive, we have a dedicated team of professional content writers who strain their brains (and fingers too!) writing full day, just for our affiliates! They extensively research and excellently write SEO optimized content and get it finalized by our editorial team. Such professional, engaging articles help our affiliates make a great impact on readers and increase conversion rate.

All, But One…..

And last but not the least: never spam. Spamming will not get you any client nor will earn you any income, it will just waste your time. Whatever you do, make sure you do it the right way: Organic Way.

Keeping these points in mind, you can easily earn a steady series of regular income from your affiliate links.

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