Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud introduces new capabilities like macOS13 Ventura support

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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis helps service providers deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient, and secure way. With the October release, you can now deliver even more value to your clients with in-demand features and functionalities.

What is new in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud?

Acronis has introduced new capabilities in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, enabling partners to enhance their services with new capabilities and deliver superior value for the clients.

Microsoft 365 OneNote backup and recovery

The new update allows Acronis partners to recover Microsoft 365 OneNote notebooks directly in the Microsoft 365 account in addition to simply downloading them.

macOS 13 Ventura support

Acronis partners will now be able to offer protection for macOS 13 workloads with Acronis almost immediately after the macOS 13 release.

Integration with ConnectWise Asio Platform

ConnectWise Asio is a new unified platform for IT management that is designed specifically for MSPs. It is an upgrade from the ConnectWise Command platform. Acronis is one of the first ConnectWise partners to have an integration with Asio. This will be helpful for MSPs who have already started using Asio.

Now partners can connect their Asio account to their Acronis partner tenant. They can then map Asio sites to Acronis customer tenants. They can deploy the Acronis agent on devices enrolled in Asio and report the protection status of mapped devices in Asio. Additionally, they will be able to generate tickets based on Acronis alerts in Asio.

Files Sync & Share: Public link to a folder

Acronis now allows users to create a direct link to a folder for sharing files such as pictures, videos, contract templates, marketing materials, etc. with external users without permitting them to modify, upload or delete the folder content.

Recently fixed issues in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Cyber Protection Agent

  • “Optimizing recovery point for fast boot” step was randomly failing with the error “Failed to open ‘AURService’ service key”. This issue has been fixed.
  • Issues regarding starting of Acronis Cyber Protection Service have been resolved.
  • Agent installation on Windows Server 2012 Essentials was previously leading to a black screen after reboot in certain circumstances. This has been fixed now.

Dashboards and reports

  • The Backup status widget now shows the correct last backup date.
  • The Devices widget now shows the correct last backup date in Management Portal.

Disaster Recovery

  • “Optimizing recovery point for fast boot” step was failing with the error “Missing credentials for encrypted backups. This has been fixed.
  • Possible to confirm “manual operation” in a runbook.
  • The recovery server is able to boot while failover.
  • VPN gateway deployment does not fail.
  • Cancellation of stuck failback does not fail.


  • Downloading and uploading files bigger than 100MB in WhatsApp and Google Drive desktop apps are successful.

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other applications’ protection

  • The issue – Microsoft SharePoint Online recovery warning doesn’t include multiple-value cells where data is partially missing, has been fixed.
  • Microsoft SQL database credentials were getting sporadically lost in the protection plan. This has been resolved.
  • The button to download the “Microsoft 365 seats licensing report” does not disappear after deleting Microsoft 365 organization.
  • Backup of Microsoft 365 mailbox was failing with the error “Cannot back up the primary mailbox of a Microsoft 365 user: ‘[Microsoft][ews-code=ErrorInternalServerError]: An internal server error occurred. The operation failed”. The issue is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the backup of the Microsoft 365 mailbox failed with the error “Cannot open or create backup file <>’. [Archive Server]: internal error”.
  • Backup of Microsoft 365 Teams completed with a warning “Could not get Channel Members: Could not get Channel Members: Error: 404” in case the channel was deleted. Acronis has resolved the issue.

Read more updates and fixes here.

Source: Acronis

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