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Why Alibaba Cloud ECS should be your one-stop hosting solution?

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Due to rapid technological advancements, the companies today are required to quickly transition to new tools and technologies to enhance their services and customer experience. Among the transitions, moving to the cloud hosting is the first most essential step in achieving the business goals.

According to a study by IDC, more than 70% of organizations in India are planning to invest in cloud-based infrastructure and applications.

The tech research company expects the cloud services spending to almost double between now and 2023, when the total amount spent on cloud services globally will reach nearly $500 billion.

This is because the modern solutions are almost always cloud-enhanced ones, which are built on cloud platforms to provide digital business capabilities.

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The challenges of traditional IT

Complex and rigid structure: On-premise systems are not made to work on different devices or over the internet.

Performance issues: On-premise systems can’t really assure a consistent high-level performance of the server. They are not so resilient, have low capacity and are more susceptible to downtime. This can greatly hamper productivity.

Low support: Downloading and installing software on multiple devices at multiple locations can make the process complicated with already stretched IT teams.

Highly manual processes: On-premise systems require strong in-house administration, which requires fully trained IT professionals. This process can be time-taking and expensive.

High operational costs: There are high costs involved in the purchase of tools and additional servers. Likewise, a company needs to invest in physical servers every once in a while, as it grows.

Business impact: Traditional IT systems can limit the organization’s ability to meet its objectives, especially during change and growth.

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How shifting to the cloud can improve business processes?

Almost all companies have the same motives behind digital transformation. Most of them want to transform their business to modify it into something considerably better, in terms of, improving the operational processes, increasing speed-to-market, improving customer satisfaction, followed by growing revenues and reducing costs.

For businesses today, the cloud hosting solution provides the most logical solution to digital transformation. By adopting the cloud, businesses can enable necessary modernization and automation. With it, businesses can:

  • Standardize IT infrastructure. About 60 percent of the companies experience higher IT infrastructure performance through cloud hosting solution adoption.
  • Create in-built security. Research says that more than 50 percent of companies experience better security by using a cloud hosting solution.
  • Reduce IT costs by almost 50%-60%.
  • Improve operations and overall flexibility of IT to serve customers better with frequent business features releases. Almost 90 percent of companies experience business acceleration from using cloud hosting solution.
  • Be elastic. Scale-up and scale-down IT processes.

Benefits of cloud computing

hosting solution
Source: Vanson Bourne Report

Alibaba Cloud ECS: a complete hosting solution to support digital transformation

Moving data from the old, on-premise systems is not an easy thing to do. There are important points businesses need to consider before their data is migrated. For this reason, every business needs a one-stop hosting solution that can successfully support their journey to digital transformation.

Alibaba’s Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is a high-frequency product you can choose as your hosting solution, with efficient cloud computing power and low latency.

When compared to physical servers, this model is more convenient and scalable, helping you deploy resources quickly to meet your real-time resource demands. It also removes your rising cost burden as there are multiple payment options with differing price points for ECS instances to meet your changing hosting solution related business requirements. The best part is you only pay for what you use.

Alibaba Cloud ECS
Source: Alibaba Cloud

What are the advantages of Alibaba Cloud ECS for a business?

Below are some benefits of Alibaba Cloud ECS:

  • Self-service provisioning: It is easy to deploy ECS instances in just one click by using auto provisioning groups without the need to create ECS instances manually.
  • Auto scaling: Alibaba Cloud monitors your scaling needs. Automatically, additional computing resources are added quickly and easily as you need them.
  • High availability: There are multiple zones for each region of Alibaba Cloud which lets you create active/standby ECS instances in multiple zones for higher availability. Also, it offers wide range of products and services for availability improvement.
  • Stability: It consistently backs up your data and provide critical data recovery capabilities in case of emergency and guarantees 99.95% service availability.
  • Elastic storage: Unlike traditional models, it helps you overcome the burden of adding servers to increase your storage space. Alibaba Cloud lets you expand your storage capacity based on your business requirements.
  • Security: It protects your service from cyber-attacks using Anti-DDoS and Network Security Group (NSG) protection.

Alibaba Cloud allows users to choose from various instance types to help match with business requirements. As mentioned above, the price of each instance is different. You can choose any instance type, for example, some instances offer large storage, some are ideal for high performance computing, some others support your general business scenarios.

Below diagram shows the various types of ECS instances. Have a look:

Alibaba Cloud ECS
Source: Alibaba Cloud

Create the workplace of the future with Alibaba Cloud

But how does Alibaba Cloud ECS drive your organization’s destiny? There are many Alibaba Cloud ECS services that your organization can use to achieve your digital transformation objectives.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Alibaba’s VPC helps you customize IP address range and specify security groups.
  • Elastic GPU: Elastic GPU provides powerful computing capabilities like video processing, deep learning, scientific learning and visualization.
  • Function Compute: With Function Compute service in Alibaba Cloud, you build any type of services or applications without worrying about server management, thus, enabling faster development and deployment.
  • Database instances: There are many database types that you can access as per your business needs.
  • Bare Metal Instance: Alibaba Bare Metal Instance is based on next-gen virtualization technology that gives both the elasticity advantage of virtualization and performance benefits of physical servers.
  • Container service for Kubernetes: This service by Alibaba Cloud lets you focus on your application rather than managing container infrastructure.

There are also wide range of image types available on Alibaba Cloud you can use to speed up application deployment.

With these benefits (and the list goes on), Alibaba Cloud computing infrastructure will get well into your organization’s digital transformation initiative. If you are ready to get digitally transformed, ZNetLive can help you in each step of the way.

ZNetLive’s Alibaba Cloud solutions  are affordable and help you in optimizing your business processes, so you stay ahead of the competition.

Also, let us know what are your thoughts on digital transformation? If you have questions, please drop them in the comments’ section below.

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