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How to increase your website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN?

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Website speed matters.

If your website takes more than three seconds to load, you are losing 40% of the visitors already. Every second counts. Google says that higher the website load time, higher the rate of visitors bouncing away from your site.

increase website speed

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Have you checked your website speed?

How many seconds does your website take to load? If you haven’t checked your website load time yet, then do it today using these free and reliable website speed test tools. If your page speed is more than three seconds, you really need to work on your site and improve it.

Also, your site should load faster from multiple locations, because your end users can be from different regions and countries. Your website speed will be a bit higher in the location of your server as compared to other locations. For example, if your web hosting server is located in the US, your website will load faster there, as compared to other countries.

Based on your targeted countries and location of your end users, you have to ensure that your site is loading instantly from these locations.

Optimizing website speed for multiple locations

So, how to optimize the speed of your website to load it instantly, while saving bandwidth and enabling a superior user experience? How to deliver your content to the users faster regardless of their location?

The answer to these questions is a high performing Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution. A CDN solution optimizes the speed of content distribution across your desired locations. It reduces the latency, while increasing the data transfer rate.

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

As the name suggests, a content delivery network or CDN is a network of several nodes which are located at different locations around the globe in the form of edge location servers. A CDN helps you to optimize the delivery of your content, such as images, webpages, videos, etc. to the end-users, regardless of their locations.

Use of a CDN solution like Alibaba Cloud CDN can help you to serve your content to end-users with high availability and high performance. It also helps you ensure that multiple website visitors can access the same content without congesting the core network.

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Alibaba Cloud CDN solution

Alibaba Cloud CDN is one of the best website speed optimization services out there that loads your site within milliseconds. It has more than 2,800 nodes around the world, with up to 120 TBPS of bandwidth capacity. So, the CDN helps you to deliver your content to visitors from the nearest possible edge location, rather than directly from the server location. As a result, the user requests are responded quickly, and the website speed remains high.

No matter what, faster is better and less is more.”

– Google

Key features of Alibaba Cloud CDN

Let’s have a look at the key features of Alibaba Cloud CDN:

1. Hundreds of nodes globally

Alibaba Cloud CDN has more than 2,800 nodes across the world. These nodes help you to ensure that your content is delivered from a nearby location so that your website loads instantly.

2. High transfer rate and low latency

The response time of Alibaba Cloud CDN is in milliseconds. The solution comes powered by intelligent connection selection and SSD storage for a very high transfer rate of your web content.

3. Webpage optimization

Alibaba Cloud CDN accelerates the website performance with web page optimization and smart compression technologies. The service also removes the redundant content from the pages for faster loading.

4. Automatic scaling

Whenever there are spikes in website traffic, the CDN service will automatic scale and handle the spikes seamlessly. This reduces the load on the origin site.

5. Advanced traffic predictions

Alibaba Cloud CDN features multi-level scheduling policies and ability to predict the advanced traffic. These features help in improving the website availability when the traffic is supposed to be high.

6. Integration

Alibaba Cloud CDN works and integrates well with other cloud services like Alibaba Cloud OSS, ECS, and server load balancer. This boosts the website speed further, optimize the overall cost of content delivery, reduces the consumption of bandwidth, and distribute the load on origin site.

7. Data analysis and monitoring

The solution provides full network monitoring with rich data analysis and reporting of bandwidth usage, traffic pattern, security reports, etc.

8. Cost-effective

Alibaba Cloud CDN is the most affordable content delivery network (CDN) solution in the market. You can choose to pay on the basis of traffic and bandwidth consumption.

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How to optimize website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN

Now, we’ll explore how you can easily accelerate your website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN service, using the Alibaba Cloud Management Console.

1. Login to your Alibaba Cloud account and open the main dashboard.

increase website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN

2. From the Products & Services section, find Storage & CDN, and click on Alibaba Cloud CDN option there.

3. You will be taken to a confirmation page, where you can choose the payment method, whether you want to Pay-By-Traffic or Pay-By-Bandwidth. Once the selection is done, click on Activate Now.

4. On the next page, click on the CDN domain name list option available in the section on the left-hand side.

5. Click on the Add New Domain button available on the top right corner.

6. The next page will ask you to enter the basic information. Enter the required details and make your selections from the multiple dropdown menus.

7. Once done, click on Verify button. You will see a Saved Successfully notification.

8. Your CDN domain will be reviewed by the system and then it will be added successfully. You will see a confirmation for the same, like shown below. Once the domain is added, you can then make adjustments to the configuration by clicking on the Configure now button.

9. To cross-check whether your domain name has been added, go back to the CDN domain name list. Here, you will find your domain name listed. Once your website’s status shows Running here, you can manage the domain as per your preference and requirements.

So, this’s how you can easily accelerate your website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN.

Apart from speeding up your website, the Alibaba Cloud CDN can also be used to enable faster on-demand video streaming, high-speed downloading, as well as to accelerate the performance of your mobile app.

If you have any queries, feel free to reach us out using the comments section below.

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