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All about secure email services and collaboration suite by Plesk

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Dreaming of Google Docs or Office365 but thinking cloud is not for you? Thinking of Open Xchange or Microsoft Exchange on premise but scared by price and complexity of setup?

We got the answer.

Modern, functional and private complete secure email services and collaboration suite by Plesk installed on your single physical or virtual server: all in one with easy deployment and transparent licensing.

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Email, calendars, public folders.

First off, email essentials are covered by Postfix and Dovecot. Web interface is provided by Roundcube augmented by Kolab for collaboration and object sharing. You can assign read/edit/delete permissions to users in your organization on folders in mailbox, calendars and address books. Needless to say, all email services are protected by SSL certificates.

Let’s imagine you just got your shiny new server with Plesk on it. First things first, need to add your corporate domain:

Straight from there you now can create mailboxes for your colleagues and start work almost instantly.

Real magic begins from first login to the webmail interface. It looks quite like Roundcube, but not exactly.

Once in, you will obviously see your own folders, mails and settings, like with any regular webmail. So, what’s so special about it?

You can actually give other users in your organization certain access rights to your objects: folders, calendars, address books – most of regular normal mail systems can’t do this. Here, for instance, user Ki gave access to his Inbox to the users Ni and Ta.

These users may add the folder to their hierarchies,

and read (Ta can even edit and delete) mails from the folder of Ki.

The same concept applies to public folder, calendars and address books: users can grant other users permissions on various objects, thus enabling collaboration and delegation. Naturally these shared folders and items work equally well in browser, mobile and PC clients:

But wait, there’s more!

File sharing

“Send me that PDF ok?” – “File is too large for attachment” – “Dropbox?” – “Mine is full. Google Drive?” – “I can’t use it now”. STOP IT. With Plesk, you have your own file sharing service integrated with your mail system on your own server. Every mailbox user will have his own file library and tools to share parts of it with colleagues of the entire company.

Instantly share import mail attachments to your group mates.

They will pick it up immediately wherever they are –

in the office…

…or on the road.

Done with a spreadsheet? Don’t email it, just drag and drop to your File Library synchronized with your server, colleagues having access to the library will be notified automatically. And yes, you can share your vacation pics too.

Wait, there is still more!

Online document editing

At times, sending files around is not fast enough and you need to get online together with your team to get things done in real time. Best of Google Docs and Office365 – but without vendor lock-in. Entirely under your control, private, integrated into email and collaboration system online document editing suite – Collabora.

Save document in your file storage and edit it online.

Call for help or be of help anytime.

Enjoy the teamwork.

Documents are saved automatically and become instantly available in your Seafile client. And hey, even your traveling colleagues may join from their mobile devices. Integration with Seafile will pick up files from available libraries.

No, you may not go yet. THERE IS EVEN MORE!

Corporate chat

Much faster than email, message history saved, accessible from all kinds of devices. You get Slack-like experience without Slack. While both Mattermost and Slack offer agility and efficiency through modern collaboration, Mattermost’s self-hosted approach provides complete control, privacy, and legal compliance. Mattermost helps teams deliver at high pace while meeting the safety, privacy, and scale requirements of IT and security teams. Integrated into browser mail client:

Mobile app:

Desktop client:

Create channels to let your team discuss what they deem important:

And last but not least: you get email security with antispam and antivirus.

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Want to try? See Plesk’s plans and pricing here.

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