Plesk WordPress Toolkit boosts your productivity by placing all necessary controls right where they belong – under your fingertips. Remove direct wp-config editing from your professional life and switch to modern ways of doing it right.

WordPress Toolkit unique and the only tool set you need to completely manage your WordPress site or sites. Universal interface, streamlined UI, rich but comprehensive functionality.

AI-powered update verification mechanism guarantee your WordPress never breaks after update – covers themes and plugin too.

Staging and cloning in one click. Creativity without headache, experiments are made fun.
Latest WordPress versions are installed by default.

Security hardening
 for all sites. Apply best practices or roll them back in one click.

SSL of choice
: automatic free Let’s Encrypt or advanced options are available.

Backups and snapshots
. Scheduled and manual. Snapshot of WordPress installation during major version upgrade is made without any conditions.

Top grade backend technology based on NGINX.

NGINX cache
 boosts site performance 100x.

Full control
 over PHP and NGINX/Apache from the UI. Syntax checking does not allow to break the configuration.

Google Pagespeed
 module precompiled with NGINX.
Demanding experts can explore Varnish, Memcache or Redis in docker on the same server.


WordPress Toolkit boosts your productivity placing all necessary controls right where they belong – under your fingertips. Remove direct wp-config editing from your professional life and switch to modern ways of doing it right. Advanced users may enjoy capabilities of WP_CLI.

Manage one or many sites with all controls under your fingertips

Staging and copying allows to experiment with designs, themes and plugin without risk of disrupting website availability. Typical workflow of making WordPress site copy manually is replaced by few mouse clicks. You don’t even need to type “staging”!

Copying: Once done with the changes, simply roll on staging to production. Be selective if you like: copy only files, database, or specific tables. And yes, Plesk will snapshot current state before replacing anything.

Fully controlled workflow with easy staging and cloning.

Smart Updates are here to give you piece of mind that your website never goes down even if an update turns to mess. It employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to verify visuals of the website, carefully taking notes of font changes, tables and paragraphs’ misalignment and more, and it goes deeper than analyzing PHP errors and warnings should there be any.

Be in control, know what updates exactly do to your site with WordPress toolkit.

Preset themes and plugins save huge deal of time when it comes to repeatedly deploying similar packages of WordPress, theme and plugins.

Configure what you want – preinstalled

Plugin and theme management. Install, remove, enable or disable them for one or many sites effortlessly.

Complete overview and control over installed themes and plugins.


SSL is the oxygen of modern web; you can’t do much without a certificate. Plesk WP Toolkit provides automatic free and advanced SSL options. Automate issuing, renewing and installation of SSL certificates to web and mail services.

Be in full control over SSL certificates serving your site. Made with love and ease.

Security hardening lets you focus on your core activities leaving security, zero-days and playing with options to WordPress toolkit. If WordPress is installed by the Toolkit, it gets necessary protection options by default. From this point on, you can balance between security and compatibility if required. Secure them individually…

Individual approach to every site and security setting…

…or all at once

…or mass operation when it takes it

Mass updates: Never let one of your sites become a backdoor for malware. WordPress core, themes and plugin can be set to update manually or automatically for each site, or for all of them. In combination with Smart Updates, you always can be sure to get the updates while maintaining uptime for the projects.

With Plesk, you get always on surveillance. There is nothing insignificant when it comes to security.


Latest version of PHP backed by NGINX lets even average servers deliver.

Measurements show up to 100x performance boost when using NGINX caching.

Google Pagespeed Insights is here for you to achieve perfection.

Pagespeed insights is well integrated into interface helping you to fix performance bottlenecks. See Plesk’s plans and pricing here.

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