What restrains anyone from earning extra quick bucks? Risks associated with starting a new business or the requirement of huge capital investment in a new venture?

What if you can get a short cut to earn some quick and good money – the legal way? 🙂

Well that shortcut is – becoming a merchant’s affiliate. To some extent, affiliate marketing may be considered as performance based marketing where you promote a merchant’s products on your site and make money when your site visitors buy from them. The more you refer, the bigger is the commission.

There are many players in the market who offer web hosting affiliate programs but we all know that choosing the best of them is the toughest job. Although there is no refined definition of best affiliate program, it completely depends on your requirement, your priorities and different factors which can affect your decision to be a merchant’s affiliate partner. For instance, the reason for buying a particular car brand may vary from one individual to another. For some, mileage matters and for others price may be concern.

So, to sort the confusion of best web hosting affiliate program, here’s a quick scan of the top hosting affiliate programs in India that will allow you to take your pick as per your suitability.

Comparison between affiliate programs of GoDaddy, ZNetLive and HostGator

Sign up Process:

Once you make up your mind to join an affiliate program, the first question which comes to your mind is how to begin. Here is a quick comparison of signup process of web hosting affiliate programs of three leading players.

They have their affiliate partner networks- Commission Junction and Zanox .Not anyone can easily apply for their affiliate partner programs. Third party involvement makes it a complex process.Simple to sign up and proceed. No need to have your existing website. Anyone can join ZNetLive’s affiliate program and do offline promotions as well for earning extra money. Easy Sign UpAffiliate program registration requires website to proceed. You must have your website for enrollment, else they won’t allow you to proceed. This restrains user from easily signing up.

Conclusion: Website should not be a constraint for a person willing to join an affiliate program to earn money. He can do your promotions offline to earn commission. So for easy and no website restriction sign-up, ZNetLive’s affiliate program wins over others.

Commission Structure:

Commission structure strongly influences anyone’s inclination towards joining an affiliate program. The highest payer would be the natural choice, so let’s figure the best payer from the three.

Commission is average. Although many users have found lack of transparency in their policies.ZNetLive offers very good commission percentage in the hosting industry which varies from one service to another.The one with highest paying commission in the industry. If any changes happen in the commission rates, you’re updated with prior notice

Conclusion: Here, a big Thumbs Up to HostGator for providing highest commission in the industry.

Marketing Assistance:

A proper marketing support is the backbone for smooth functioning of an affiliate program. So let’s find out who is working best in this area.

It has a gamut of banners and ads to display on affiliates’ websites.ZNetLive provides readymade marketing stuff to affiliate partners- including readymade social media posts, guest content writing services, customized banners, coupons, special discount and landing page to help users in promoting it easily.It provides all the tools necessary for users to convert their existing traffic into sales. Those who sign up are supplied a range of banners and textual links that they can place on their sites.

Conclusion: Mere sign up should not be the sole purpose of any web hosting affiliate program. To get the maximum out of an affiliate partnership, it should offer promotional materials and techniques to help affiliates spread the word about a merchant’s products or services. A genuine applaud for ZNetLive for giving best marketing stuff to help in encouraging affiliates to earn more.

Payout/Withdrawal Policies:

No information.2000 INR is the minimum balance required for payout. Payment is done after 30 days lock in period following sale of product.3,000 INR is the minimum balance required for payout. Payments are made once per month, after the end of the holding period.

Conclusion: Everyone has their standard fixed policy for commission approval and withdrawal.

Growing affiliate marketing trend in India has opened a second door for entrepreneurs who are looking for some extra income with minimal risk.

Just be smart and tactful in choosing the web hosting affiliate program to grow at a fast pace.

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