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Is re-selling an easy and sustainable business avenue? 

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Did you know you could easily start your online business without much investment? Yes, if you are newly starting your entrepreneur journey, a reseller business could be an ideal option for you as it is profitable and involves much lesser risk. In this blog post, we shall discuss what makes IT product reselling a popular business idea. Continue reading to know how you can start an online IT reselling business and what products you can sell. 

What does a reseller do? 

An IT reseller could be a person or an organization that buys IT services from distributors or service providers and then resells those services to end-users at a margin. From the various services available with distributors or service providers, resellers can choose which ones they would like to resell. Accordingly, they can resell any one service or a combination of services as bundled packages to their customers. A reselling business can benefit new entrepreneurs in many ways. 

  • You can easily and immediately start your business  
  • Reselling requires only a minimum investment 
  • You can choose what to resell from a range of already available services 
  • You have the flexibility to sell services depending on customer demand 
  • Reselling helps you earn profits much earlier than conventional businesses 

How to set up your IT reseller business 

To make a successful career in the IT reseller business, you have to first choose what product/services you wish to resell. Then partner with a trusted distributor as their industry knowledge and information will be instrumental for you to maximize opportunities within the industry. Lastly, get your business online and start selling your products directly from your website via blog posts, social media content promotion, or offering services like e-commerce portal websites so that customers can view what you’ve got for them.  

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Learn more about setting up your IT reseller business here

How can you ensure your IT reseller business is a profitable avenue? 

After you have planned what to resell, partnered with your distributor, and got your business online, your next aim would be to make money quickly and well. Here is how you can ensure your IT reseller business remains profitable: 

  • Price your products wisely so that they stay competitive without denying you a good profit. 
  • Use the multiple social media platforms to attract new customers and build your brand.  
  • Partnering with established IT distributors like ZNetLive will help you get easy access to the market, and you can start making money from an early stage of your business. 
  • Garnering feedback from customers and accordingly bundling your products will enhance customer satisfaction and help build your brand as an IT reseller. 

Advantages of partnering with ZNetLive to start your IT reseller business 

ZNetLive offers a diverse set of products and services from which resellers can make high profits. 

Cloud services: ZNetLive is an authorized cloud services distributor and has strong strategic alliances with leading technology vendors worldwide. 

Cybersecurity services: As incidents of cyberattacks and data breaches continue to affect organizations more than ever, you can opt for selling advanced cyber backup and cybersecurity services offered by ZNetLive. 

DR, Resiliency Management automation: As a reseller, you can enable digital transformation for your customers with futuristic automation solutions using the industry’s most comprehensive and modern recovery automation suite by partnering with ZNetLive. 

Data Center Solutions: With ZNetLive, you can sell a full range of colocation and network services and flexible multi-cloud solutions with top-level security to your customers. 

WebOps management: ZNetLive is an authorized distributor of unified website and server management and server security solutions that are compatible across all platforms and hyperscalers. 

Other than its diverse product range there are a few more reasons why ZNetLive should be your partner to begin your IT reseller business journey. 

  • Diverse product bundling: Partners have the option to bundle high-margin products from a diverse range of offerings and improve profitability.  
  • Flexible pricing: Partners can enjoy the privilege of flexible pricing. Hence, they can resell the products at the best prices to their customers.  
  • GTM assistance: ZNetLive offers Go-To-Market (GTM) assistance, which will help partners target the right audience, build value, and monetize the services better.  
  • 24×7 technical support: Partners and their customers can receive 24×7 technical support from ZNetLive’s certified personnel.   
  • Automated billing platform: ZNetLive has its in-house automation and service delivery platform, RackNap, which partners can leverage to manage the billing and provisioning for customers.  
  • Partner benefit programs: ZNetLive’s partner benefits programs help partners accelerate their business and customer acquisition. 


Online IT reseller business is gaining more popularity lately because it is highly profitable and convenient. You require very little investment to start your reseller business. Here you have a host of options to choose from and the freedom to quote prices that suit you the best. If you are still worrying about how to establish your reseller business, then partner with ZNetLive in just a few clicks, and with its expert support, start your IT reseller journey right away. 

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