Whether you’re a manufacturing giant, a media company or a financial firm, there is one common thread that bridges the gap between all businesses today and that is – cloud computing. It has become the catalyst for every business and thus is gaining popularity.

You must have read a number of things on cloud. Here is a unique collection of latest Cloud developments and news from across the globe. Read and enjoy the cloud splash. 🙂

  1. 42% of organizations plan to adopt cloud-based HR systems

    According to the research released by KPMG, 42% of organizations will go for a cloud-based HR system to reconfigure their functions. 69% expect better functionality and 63% expect improved “value-added” benefits for their business from moving HR to the cloud. 20% say that cloud-based HR system has made workforce analytics more available, and 13% expect improved collaboration.

  2. Microsoft launches Stream, a new YouTube for enterprises

    Microsoft Stream enables enterprises and their employees to properly collaborate and communicate with video more easily. It is a cloud based video streaming service that lets Skype for Business clienteles send out a video to thousands of viewers. Users can do things like search for subject matter they want to explore, subscribe to channels, and follow those team members whose videos they want to see.

  3. Europeans are paying a premium for cloud

    According to the 451 Research, cloud services in Europe are more expensive than in the US. Enterprises pay between 7% and 19% more to host applications within the region i.e. on a European cloud platform. In Europe, the biggest demand is for data protection legislation. They pay for a ‘protection premium’ to use in their regional services – rather using the cheaper options provided by the US – to ensure compliance with all necessary local regulations and take advantage of local customer service. The research also specifies that cloud computing services are not as costly in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

  4. Managed Security Services Drive Latin American IT Growth

    Frost & Sullivan Digital Transformation Consultant Leandro Scalize said in a statement:
    “No matter which technology is in focus, without a well-drawn security strategy, there is little chance of long-term success.”

    As per the report released by Frost & Sullivan, IT revenues in Latin America are projected to grow by over 20% in 2016, all connected to cloud computing. The report signifies that, increasing awareness and deployment of IaaS and SaaS in Latin America are contributing to rapidly growing cloud computing strategies. It predicts that it will surpass $2 billion in 2016.

  5. Cloud as key strength of latest financial results – Microsoft

    With its cloud services revenue growing from 6% to 7% in constant currency, Microsoft has proved itself as the dominant organization for cloud clienteles. “Azure revenue grew 102%, with Azure compute usage more than doubling year-over-year”, Microsoft said in a statement. In total, revenue in Cloud grew 7% (up 10% in constant currency) to $6.7 billion.

  6. Cloud Natural Language API launched by Google

    At Google, this service is developed keeping in mind the need to easily understand the human language. It allows developers to build apps that can understand how humans communicate. This Cloud Natural Language API provides the information about the text back to an app, including the overall analysis of the sentence structure. The system can also identify the entities mentioned, including organizations, people, events, locations, and products.

  7. Nadella: We’ll build cloud data centers wherever demand takes us

    Location of cloud servers matter as big companies and government agencies are growing rapidly and they have started focusing on these points – latency, redundancy, and privacy.

    “The position that we have taken is that we want to serve customers where they are and not assume very simplistically that the digital sovereignty needs of customers can be met out of a fewer-data center approach,” Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said. “Because right now, given the secular trend to move to the cloud across all of the regulated industries across the globe, we think it’s wiser for us and our investors long-term to be able to meet them where they are.”

  8. Cloud shift to affect over $1 trillion in IT spending by 2020: Gartner

    IT spending is experiencing a shift from traditional IT offerings to cloud services. “The aggregate amount of cloud shift in 2016 is estimated to reach $111 billion — increasing to $216 billion in 2020“. Gartner said. This shift makes the cloud computing one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending.

    “The market for cloud services has grown to such an extent that it is now a notable percentage of total IT spending, helping to create a new generation of start-ups and ‘born in the cloud’ providers,” said Ed Anderson, Research Vice President at Gartner.

  9. Microsoft Azure comes second in the latest cloud IaaS scores from Gartner

    As per Gartner in-depth assessments research, the updated cloud IaaS scores for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform are:

    1. Amazon Web Services: 92%

    2. Microsoft Azure: 88%

    3. Google Cloud Platform: 70%

    It gives an in-depth technical assessment of the three major cloud IaaS providers based on the May 2016 update of the Evaluation Criteria for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

  10. Google races to catch up in cloud computing

    Now, companies are moving to cloud as the cloud computing business will amount to $67 billion by 2020, compared with $23 billion at the end of this year (as per Gartner). Amazon and Microsoft are the current leaders in the cloud industry and Google is chasing them for control of the next generation of business technology and to change things.

    It has used artificial intelligence to cut the use of power in its data centers by 15%. Mustafa Suleyman, head of applied artificial intelligence, Google, said the techniques could be used at power plants, refineries and other big industrial systems. Also Google launched a new cloud natural language API and a new cloud data center in Oregon, as discussed above.

  11. VMware, IBM, Microsoft are top cloud system managers: IDC

    IDC defines cloud system management as a software with the following functions: workload scheduling and automation; performance and event management and troubleshooting.

    As per IDC’s report, 80% of the enterprises are going to use hybrid cloud computing that uses several public CSPs along with the vast pool of private cloud or non-cloud resources.

    “Customers are using this transition to reevaluate and streamline their in-house management software,” as per the report shared by the Worldwide cloud systems management software market.

  12. Cloud services account for a third of IT outsourcing market

    The market of as-a-service, which includes Infrastructure as a service and Software-as-a-Service (IaaS and SaaS) represents more than 1/3rd of the combined global market for sourcing services, according to ISG (Information Services group). There is an accelerated growth predicted by the firm in the cloud computing segment as more and more enterprises shift their workloads to cloud.

    It becomes very clear that there is a sharp increase in, ”as-a-service” offerings and good future prospects for IT outsourcing market.

So the bottom line is, cloud is spreading its wings across the world, simplifying computing and paving a way for business growth and automation. Thus, whether you are an SMB or an existing firm, cloud can be your future! 🙂

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