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Cloud security – is your data safe in the Cloud?

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It’s good to have a friend who understands your life, your commitments, gives you valuable feedback and most importantly is able to hold your secrets. Cloud computing is no different, it saves your data, gives you timely information as when required and also secures your data (secrets).

Depending upon the chosen cloud solution, cloud hosting providers in India and around the world, provide a platform to store data and information on remote off-site location or on premise. Remote data storage not only reduces the IT costs but is also good for sustainable development of resources. But, when you save your data in a pool of various other data lying together, is it safe?

Is your data at stake in cloud?

If data is the heart of any organization, we have to make sure it is kept with utmost sincerity and safety, because you can’t afford to lose it at any time. The risk is not storing data in cloud, but giving access to someone who is using different data centers in remote places to store your data, which may attract cloud security issues. The major security questions that pop up are:

  1. Security of data stored: Who can see, access, alter or use your data?

  2. Disaster Recovery and backup of data: How can your data get recovered at the time of any technical, natural or man-made disaster?

Data security in cloud computing has gained much attention. You should not quit swimming because of the fear of getting drowned. If security concerns are high, the measures taken to secure your data should also be best. Cloud gives you different security choices by presenting various types of cloud platform.

Which cloud solution offers better security?

Honestly, there are no such tested facts. Cloud service providers take considerable steps to improve cloud computing security, and it depends a lot on the solution you choose. Public cloud Platform gives easy accessibility, but it is not under your control, unlike private cloud hosting where you have complete control.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that security is completely neglected in public cloud platforms. It all depends upon quality of the provider. They offer encryption techniques to make sure that no one can read data during uploads and downloads.

You can choose to store only that information on public cloud which is not highly- sensitive, and also retain the ownership of encryption keys. While data which you don’t want to ever be misused should be hosted on private platforms.

Most business thus adopt a Hybrid structure of cloud, so that they get the benefit of both private and public cloud.

Backup and Disaster Recovery plans:

cloud computing security

The best part about storing data in cloud is that, data is stored in virtual machines, and multiple back-up files are created so that your data never gets lost. With new technologies showing up like DraaS (Disaster recovery as a service), the security of your data has only got better. It allows SMBs to secure their data off-site at a reasonably lesser cost.

The image shows the difference between traditional backup processes and cloud backup process.

According to Gartner, “Through 2020, 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.” So as a customer be on your own guard by taking preventive measures:

  • Always look for “https” marked websites as it shows its authenticity before sharing any sensitive data or choosing hosting providers.

    cloud computing security

  • Keep strong passwords for your cloud storage accounts and keep changing them, and avoid using same password twice.

  • Always log out while surfing on public computers.

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So does cloud offer you security?

We will say yes! Cloud provides you the perfect blend of business automation backed with proper security measures taken to save your data. Technology is great if used in right direction and with right measures.

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