Necessity Of Server BackUp To Prevent Your Data From Getting Lost

Whether you run a small business or work for a large corporation, your data is important as that’s the powerhouse of information for making future strategies, providing better services to clients and for measuring both- challenges and progress of your business.

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Your organizational data needs to be protected for growth of your business and you cannot and should not simply consider it as a secondary task to be given attention to in your spare time as data once lost can never be recovered to the full extent.

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There are a number of factors which cause loss of information, like hardware failure, power outage, data corruption, human errors, disasters, and criminal activities like hacking, theft, malicious activities etc.

How to prevent data loss?

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”- Benjamin Franklin . So to prevent the damage caused due to data loss, you too should take preventive measures and.

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  • Perform a regular BACKUP of your data
  • Use Remote backup as it makes business data accessible anywhere and anytime

What is Backup?

A duplicate house key is a backup for the unfortunate situation when you lose the main key of your house somewhere. Similarly, data backup is the activity of copying of files and database to preserve and restore data immediately after the event of data loss.

Different methods of backup

#1 Local backup

It is an onsite backup where the storage medium is kept very close at hand. Some examples of local backup are- internal and external hard drive, magnetic tape drives etc. It has few drawbacks, like limited storage capacity, only accessible from the physical device. Also, if any disaster affects your home or business, your on-site backups could be destroyed as well.

#2 Remote backup

It is an offsite backup which you can access, restore or administer from a different location. It guarantees high level of security and peace of mind as it allows data storage off site/online. It helps you in saving time and costs too.

It provides much better protection against the natural disasters. Also allows unlimited amount of data retention. Moreover it does not need any manual tasks to change tapes, label CDs etc.
Thus, remote backup is the preferred method of backup.

Backup Service from ZNetLive

We understand the importance of data for your business, so we provide NAS, SAN, and additional drive on the same server, cloud storage (AZURE) the solutions against the data loss. ZNetLive also offers 20GB NAS backup free with its dedicated servers and additional NAS Backup can be purchased during the order process.

  • For Shared Hosting & Reseller Hosting-Client can opt for server backup and maintain the same in his account at no additional cost. ZNetLive also maintains remote backup on its servers but only for administrative purposes, like in case of disasters.
  • For VPS and Dedicated servers-Backup is scheduled on client’s request and depends on the availability of resources on his server.

Services ZNetLive offers:

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Self Managed VPS Hosting

Self Managed Dedicated Server

Summing up!

Backup solution is equally important to security measures. No data means no business. Choice is yours!
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AI-powered Backup Solution

Unmatched Backup Features from Future