Dawn of Digital Transformation Economy and Digital Enterprises

As per IDC FutureScape report, the adoption of cloud and other technologies like mobile, big data analytics have accelerated as enterprises are undergoing Digital Transformation (DX) on a massive scale. It further adds that this DX will attain macroeconomic scale over the next 3 to 4 years and will change the way enterprises operate and will reshape the global economy. IDC has named it as – the dawn of DX economy.

Every enterprise that is growing, irrespective of its age or industry, must become ‘digitally native’ in the way its executives and employees think, what they produce, and how they operate. Moreover, the cloud adoption and digital transformation is happening at much faster rate than expected and only those enterprises that will be able to keep pace with this emerging DX economy will earn an early competitive advantage.

In this era of digital transformation where we have already seen smart tech shirts and sensor enabled diapers, more digitally enhanced products will be launched in the marketplace with IoT, 3D printing, and cognitive/AI technologies. So, businesses need to rethink their way of doing business.

“By 2018, lack of vision, credibility, or ability to influence will keep 70% of IT executives from attaining leadership roles in enterprise DX”– IDC FutureScape.

To compete in the DX economy, IT leadership must have –

  • Knowledge of emerging tech capabilities and limitations to understand the new options and possibilities.
  • Ability to build a digital disruption culture to challenge the status quo, set new benchmarks and create digital services that are relevant and competitive externally.
  • Continuous creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Adaptive risk management capabilities. Businesses must ensure that they will be able to recover from a system failure, virus outbreak or data corruption quickly and reliably.


  • Competency and transparency on topics of security, privacy, and regulatory implications.

Thus, businesses need various innovative solutions to compete in the digital transformation era. Microsoft Azure is one such product that can help.
“46% of customers prefer Azure over any other public cloud.”
PULSE Gatepoint Research.

Microsoft Azure – the open and interoperable cloud platform is being increasingly adopted by the enterprises for its agility, scalability, security, backup and flexibility. They are utilizing its strengths to generate revenue and optimize resources for their businesses.

Here is the Microsoft Azure cloud momentum.


Why managed Azure services?

We are living in the era of managed Infrastructure services and Managed is the new normal. So, when an enterprise opts for Managed Azure cloud services, it gets end to-end solutions along with relevant consultation that will help its business to thrive.

Doing business with technology is not important but how much and what you can achieve with that technology is more important.

Microsoft Azure provides a multitude of services that enterprises can assemble like building blocks to address a wide array of workloads and applications. But, knowing where to begin is often difficult.

Enterprises grapple with concerns like management and resource challenges, including on-boarding, architecture design, orchestration, OS patching, optimization, database administration, storage management, configuring and monitoring backups, load balancer monitoring, VMs monitoring and more.

Azure does not run itself, neither every enterprise infrastructure is tuned to run it. An enterprise needs experts to handle and help them take advantage of its core capabilities.

With our managed Azure services, an enterprise gets an efficient way to stay up to date on technology, acquire necessary skills and get access to experts who help it design, deploy and operate Azure services seamlessly. We give you the power to build, deploy and run your applications on Microsoft Azure public cloud with automated pay per usage cloud billing.

With our managed Azure services, an enterprise doesn’t need to worry about:

  1. The burden of maintaining routine and high volume of data needs with limited IT resources.
  2. The cost of maintaining IT skill set to run Azure.
  3. Security while running test and development environments, migrating applications and datacenter.
  4. Setting up data-backup, storage, Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) architecture in the cloud.
  5. We provision your VMs and database and manage resources as per your business needs.
  6. Digital transformation in business

How can managed Azure backup services help in Business Continuity?

With organizations’ IT environments growing more complex, data growth exploding, security threats becoming more difficult to prevent and manage and backups becoming more complex, expensive, and challenging, there emerges the need of a protection system built “by the cloud, for the cloud”.

Microsoft Azure Backup service is a cloud integrated solution that helps users protect their data and applications – everywhere, both on premises and in the cloud. This enterprise grade cloud storage, secure and cost competitive solution offers-

  • Pay as you go heterogeneous storage with automatic allocation and management of storage.
  • High availability for data by using underlying power and unlimited scaling of the Azure.
  • Ability to replicate your data. You can choose storage replication from locally redundant storage or geo redundant storage, as per your data protection needs.
  • Transfer of unlimited data – outbound and inbound, free of charge.
  • Secure transmission and storage of your data in the public cloud with data encryption.
  • Short term and long term retention of data with no limit of time of remaining in a Backup or Recovery Services’ vault.
  • Application consistent data backups with an assurance of no requirement of additional fixes for data restoration.

ZNetLive – Azure Backup Management for Any Sized Business

With our managed Azure backup services, we help you save your data and thus, your business. Our backup management service provides you with the ability to predict threats and vulnerabilities alongside assurance of stability of your backup, required for business data protection.

As a Backup as a- service expert we offer:

  • Proactive capacity planning and monitoring to minimize issues and help ensure that your data stays protected.
  • Root cause analysis for continual improvement.
  • Increased security and assurance of better backup service rates.
  • Wise execution of updates, upgrades, and plans for expansion or capacity growth in your IT environment.
    Vital insights to your business and promise of faster issue resolution.
  • Guaranteed SLAs, backup success and critical restore response times.
  • Real time incident remediation.
  • Full transparency to help you verify security of your data.

So, we help you keep your data all time available and your business safe.

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