Buying only a piece of land cannot help you in running your business smoothly as there are various other business requirements like security, marketing etc. that need to be taken care of. Same is true for online businesses too.

Web hosting no doubt gives space to your website to run but an online marketplace needs a lot more things to grow efficiently and function seamlessly- more so when it’s in its growing phase.

But searching for and buying all the essential tools one by one, is quite hard work and proves to be costlier too than buying all in one shot. For any business, every penny counts and spending money on almost every requirement of the site-online presence essentials, security, advertising, control and management tools, can be a bit challenging.



So, how can one save on these pesky costs?

Go for cheap hosting plans that come bundled with ‘free value added services’.

Our value for money hosting plans are packed with free value added services to not only support your website requirements but free services offered by them cover all the basic needs of your website to function smoothly and they can help your online store to move from average to the elite category.

In the row to provide best hosting experience to its customers, we’ve joined hands with various industry veterans who master various services and also aim to provide maximum at minimum. Thus we’re able to provide economical web hosting loaded with free but valuable services to our customers.

Free value added services that you get with our hosting plans:free value added services1

A domain name -Give your website a unique address.

A house cannot be found or reached without its physical address. Similarly, a website too, cannot be found by its visitors without a domain name in the online world.

It is an address that your visitors will use to reach you, so you have to have one for your website.

But when you buy web hosting from ZNetLive, you don’t need to purchase domain name separately for your site as you get .website domain name for free (on the billing of 1, 2, 3 or 5 years) with every Linux or Windows web hosting account.

But if your business or site requirements are different, buy domain name of your choice from the bank of domains maintained at ZNetLive.

SSL certificate, Malware scanning and Phishing alerts -Boost your customer’s confidence and secure your website.

Security is the most important need of a website. It includes secure and safe transactions, protecting site visitor’s information and immunity to all kinds of security breaches.

ZNetLive gives one basic SSL certificate, malware monitoring tools and phishing compromise alert services for every cheap web hosting India account on 3 years and 5 years billing. Awesome deal!

Website Builder-Create your website on your own

Create your own site and save hefty prices which you spend on web designers to get your website designed.

ZNetLive provides an easy-to-use RV Site Builder with its web hosting plans that helps you to create, market and maintain high-end websites within minutes.

Enterprise Email systems- Smoothen your online communications

Our hosting plans offer enterprise email systems that enable you to access, manage and maintain your professional email accounts anywhere online. Thus, work smarter and from anywhere at no other cost.

If you register for Linux shared hosting account, you can choose from: Horde, Squirellmail, and Roundcube email systems. And if, you are a windows client, get full-featured professional editions of SmarterMail including a collaborative mail server, a feature-rich customer service application, and a detailed web analytics package absolutely free.

Also, get free email spam protection- SpamAssassin integrated with your mail server which uses multiple spam detection techniques to search your mail for spam.

Control Panel – Manage your hosting account independently

Now you don’t need to worry about the management of your account as ZNetLive gives cPanel or Web Host Manager (WHM) free with every Linux web hosting account.

With Windows web hosting account also, you get WebsitePanel that allows users to manage their hosted services from a single place, including domain management, email account configuration, accessing server logs, resource consumption and more.

Softaculous – Install applications in a single step

Softaculous is an auto- installer for cPanel that installs third party applications on a website like online shopping cart system, popular CDN- the WordPress and other 320 scripts, 1115 PHP Classes. Thus, eliminating the need of going to web developer and having technical knowledge. Take a free tour.

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