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How To Raise A Support Ticket At ZNetLive?

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How And Why To Create A Support Ticket?

In our day to day life, we all encounter various problems, some problems we manage on our own but to tackle some, we need some kind of assistance or guidance in the form of SUPPORT.

Same goes true for our professional lives. When we encounter any issue related to products- software, hardware or services that directly affects our business or working, we expect prompt help and support from the service provider.

For the service provider, “Support” is its organizational backbone as it is the system which helps it gain customers’ trust and appreciation by helping them out swiftly in difficult & urgent situations.

Most providers provide multiple modes of support for customer issue resolution. ZNetLive provides three prompt support systems –live chat, phone and support ticket.

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This post will explain nuances of ticket – the web based customer support system in detail.

Before explaining why and how to create a ticket, I would like to address two common myths which people hold for Support Tickets.

  • It is more complex than two minutes phone call or live chat or well-crafted email response.
  • It should be raised only for big and complicated issues.

This is not at all true!  Raising support ticket is not at all complicated rather it is simple and easy to use and tickets can be raised for all those issues which need immediate attention.

Want to know why? Continue reading this post. 🙂

Why to create a support ticket?

Support ticket allows users to report problems or ask for help/action on certain issues to experience seamless services.

  • It is a system of records which helps you in keeping track of your issue from your member panel at any given time. As details and responses related to the issue are recorded in the ticket system, you don’t need to repeat your problem or re-explain it again and again to different customer support personnel- a common problem when you miss a conversation over phone or live chat.
  • Request is automatically moved to the relevant department which ensures speedy resolution of the issues.
  • Ticket system is easy to access as you can raise ticket directly from website as well as from within your member panel anytime as per your convenience.
  • Since it is a written and registered complaint so you are always well informed throughout the process.
  • The whole process of ticket raising at ZNetLive is client friendly and easy to use.
  • It gives visibility and clarity to your issue as you can include screen shots or multiple attachments with ticket to provide a more apparent description of the issue.

Who can create support ticket?

  • Registered clients of the organization They can create ticket either directly  through the member panel or via email at [email protected] /[email protected] / [email protected]
  • Sub- users of the registered client services They can also create a ticket with the access rights provided to them by the main user-registered client of ZNetLive.
  • Not registered clients of the organization They do not have access to member panel so they can create ticket only through an email at [email protected] / s[email protected].

(Note-If non registered client creates the ticket in the billing department, he has to mention the registered mail id in the communicating mail)

  • Admin /customer support team of the organization

They can create ticket at the back end on behalf of the clients but only if requested by the client in case of some genuine inconvenience.

How to create support ticket at ZNetLive

Follow these steps to raise a new support ticket

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#1 Log into member panel

Initiate the process of raising Support Ticket by logging into the member panel with your registered mail ID. Follow either of the three ways to access your member account-

  • Click on
  • Visit > Click on Get Support tab on top of the landing page> Click on Submit a Support Ticket, below the search button.
  • Visit > In Quick Links section in the footer > Click on Member Panel and directly log into your member account.
#2 Click on My Support 

After you log into the member panel, click on the tab-My Support to initiate the process of raising ticket where you will find the tab Create Ticket. Click on it.

Image for click on My Support
 #3 Create New Ticket in customer portal

After you click on the tab-Create Ticket it takes you to the page where you need to fill in certain details required by the ZNetLive team for better understanding of the issue and its resolution.

Image of create ticket page
 #4 Select the service for which you need support

Select that service from the drop down list in which you are facing  issue.

Image of the select the service
#5 Select the department from which you need support

Next choose the concerned department for your issue – Abuse, Billing, Domain, Support, Renewals, Sales. This will help you to get in touch directly with those who’ll resolve your issue.

Image for select the department
#6 Select the issue being faced 

Select your issue from the drop down list and if in any case you cannot find your issue, select others option.

image to select the issue

At this point, you might get an option of self/Quick help through knowledgebase which may help you to resolve your issue yourself, but in case you wish to add more or continue raising the ticket, then proceed to next step.

#7 Mention the subject and write description for the issue

Include as much information as you can regarding the issue which you are facing. Define your issue in one line in the Subject tab.

Explain your issue in detail, share the credentials for the service chosen (as given by the ZNETLIVE) in the General Description tab. You can also attach screenshots for the errors in this section. This helps in better understanding of the problem and also in processing your request faster.

image for Mention the subject and write description
 #8 Submit the ticket

Once you have filled in all the details to raise the ticket, do recheck   the details and click the tab-Submit Ticket.

Image for submit the support ticket
#9 Support Ticket is generated

After you click Submit Ticket, a new support ticket is generated which automatically moves to the relevant department and admins start looking into it to resolve the issue ASAP.

Image for Support Ticket
#10 Ticket ID Tracking Number

You get an ID number when support ticket is generated successfully. Keep it safe for future communications regarding the issue. Moreover you can view the status of your ticket by visiting My Tickets > My Support in your member panel.

Ticket ID Tracking

What happens next?

You receive an email at your email address with the ticket number while the relevant department works on the issue resolution.

Important Notes to avoid confusion

  • You should add relevant information or comments to the open ticket rather than raising a new ticket for the same issue to avoid confusion.
  • If you have multiple accounts for multiple services, then raise ticket from the account which is respective to the service.

If you have any doubts/comments, feel free to mention them in the comments section below and I will be glad to answer them. 🙂

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