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I have started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

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How do I boost traffic and gain more presence for a new blog? What is the best way to generate traffic to the WordPress blog? How do I boost traffic for a new blog? How to get viral traffic?

Is this the same problem you face? Well, getting found is the most common issue that new bloggers need to address.

Hundreds of blogs appear every day, but only few of them get traffic.

Most bloggers struggle to drive a meaningful amount of traffic to their blogs, even after putting out high-quality content on their site.

Growing your number of followers is a slow process, but effective so long as you’re consistent.

Does social media help increase website traffic?

Yes, greatly! Social network penetration is increasing, worldwide.

As per Statista, the number of social network users worldwide is expected to reach some 3.02 billion monthly by 2021, which is around a third of Earth’s entire population.

Thus, leveraging the power of traffic coming from social networks and social media platforms can help you gain more.

How do I get more traffic on websites through social media? What is the best way to increase traffic on website through social media?

When it comes to driving traffic to a blog using social media, people spend too much effort on many things like good content, use of right hashtags, social posts creation, but they overlook one of the biggest and most lucrative sources of attracting viral traffic to their website, the theme.

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I must sound crazy to you when I say that the theme of your website can help you grow your social media shares. Let me explain.

We all are judged by our appearance, how we dress and how we carry ourselves matters! Appearance strongly influences people’s perception.

Similarly, a theme governs the look, feel and functionality of a website, affecting its aesthetics. Themes can prove to be the best way to promote your blog on social media, the major form of viral traffic.

When you style your weblog with a good theme, it changes your site’s front-end i.e. what a visitor sees when he browses your blogsite.

But remember, people, don’t just share anything on social media. You need to build their interest, give them a better experience, to encourage them to share content on your blog.

WordPress themes

In addition to being beautiful, good WordPress (WP) themes give you much control over the look and presentation of the material on your website, improves audience engagement with your website’s content, while increasing social media sharing.

There are thousands of free WP themes and paid ones too for building modern and responsive websites. SociallyViral is among the best SEO friendly WP themes for boosting social media traffic.

Why use SociallyViral WordPress Theme?

SEO Ready, responsive and social media traffic generator WordPress theme, SociallyViral, is designed with the foremost goal to help trending news, blogs or magazine sites get viral traffic from top social networking websites.

This beautifully designed and engaging theme helps to increase your social shares, boost your social media traffic and search engine rankings as well.

Created by MyThemeShop, the top WordPress Marketplaces for premium themes and plugins, SociallyViral theme is 100% responsive and comes with all the features desired by bloggers in a modern theme.

It is compatible with all browsers and has been built keeping in mind the latest search engine guidelines.

Watch this video and learn how SociallyViral theme can drive traffic to your blog.

Features of SociallyViral WordPress theme:

#1 Easy to use and better user engagement – WordPress theme – SociallyViral, is lightweight and easy to configure, just in few clicks.

It offers four different loading effects for better social posts’ display on different social media platforms. You also get a subscription box that encourages user signups.

It is integrated with all social media websites and gives you full control to choose custom menus for each page.

It has intuitive drag and drop functionality, provides unlimited background options, advanced typography options, RTL support and a lot more.

#2 Right social optimization – SociallyViral WP theme is designed to optimize your site for social sharing.

It includes best social media icons to maximize social shares, shows trending posts to users and gets you more traffic.

#3 Faster loading times and greater search engine rankings – With SociallyViral theme, you get AJAX loading which enables faster loading sites, hence smooth user experience and improved search engine rankings. It is speed optimized fastest theme with schema integration.

#4 Adsense revenue – SociallyViral WordPress theme includes Adsense optimization which means higher CPCs (cost per click) and RPMs (Page revenue per thousand impressions).

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It comes with WooCommerce support that enables online store creation and product selling.

Besides above – mentioned features, theme users get:

  • Five Domain Usage
  • One-Click Installation
  • Support & Updates for One Year
  • 24×7 Premium Technical Support
  • Options Panel
  • Secured & Optimized Code

Growth doesn’t just happen, one has to work at it, and keep working at it.

Add SociallyViral WordPress blog theme to your website and boost your social shares and revenue.

If you are not satisfied, you can connect with support team within 30 days and get your money back.

Grab your SociallyViral theme today.

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