Who needs.COM when new gTLDs are trending?

“Google AdWords tends to favor the new gTLDs, as they served up more impressions, for less cost, and a better average position then the .Com domain names we used.” – a recent report on .COM vs New gTLDs.

So, the Generic TLDs are trending in the internet naming world, and not .COMs.

What’s a gTLD?

We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, similarly while crafting an address for your brand or business, you need such a domain name which can keep you in the limelight among horde of competitors.

And gTLD– a short, self-descriptive suffix at the end of a domain name has that fire to get your business closer to its end customers and vice-versa. For example, if you have a blog dedicated to your recipes, then you can go for yourname.recipes instead of yourname-recipes.com, which will help any viewer- probably your end customer, quickly find your blog.

Why new gTLDs?

It’s true that over the decades, the .COM has ruled the domain industry but gone are the days when you had to wait for this legendary domain name to seek brand presence for your website.
Change is in the air 🙂 and here are some instances of the same:

  • Google, the search engine giant has chosen www.abc.xyz as the web address for their new venture, Alphabet.
  • Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has decided to switch from .COM to its very own .JIO for its different businesses and departments such as www.retail.JIO, www.petroleum.JIO, www.polymers.JIO.
  • Music sensation, Lady Gaga has registered her website with a not.com domain –www.BornThisWay.foundation.
  • International organizations – Amazon and e-bay have both chosen.in suffix to symbolize their presence in India and target traffic from India.
  • www.easterisland.travel – the Easter Island Tour company has moved from.com to .travel domain.

Not only set gTLDs, but there are some big companies who are getting their own names as the suffixes like international bank Barclays has “.barclays,” (www.home.barclays) which gives it more control on how it should be used.

So when big brands can opt for Not-COMs why you should remain behind in utilizing the new gTLDs!

Find and buy a domain name for yourself today!

Top new gTLDs: How to decide?

Hundreds of new domain names are available. You should choose your domain name as per your industry or interest, endless options are available to represent them like domain names for fashion enthusiasts, nature lovers, gamers- crazy about speed/races or games or even if you are in love with yourself.

Domain categories include, but are not limited to –

Most popular, generic, Businesses, Education, Travel, Organizations, Technology, Media, Fashion, Food, Real Estate, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Personal, Location, Finance,  Healthcare, and others.

A relevant URL which is truly representative of the information and products on the website improves the chances of getting more leads and is also good for branding.

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