“42 Percent of CEOs Have Begun Digital Business Transformation” – Gartner.

Migrating the business workloads is no longer a matter of “when”! The current revolutionary wave of Digital Transformation has made it the most important call of this era.

Cloud technology satisfies:

  • CEO’s desire for greater business agility​.
  • CFO’s desire for operational efficiency​.
  • CMO’s desire for innovative ways to engage customers.

Organizations are pursuing strategies because of the multidimensional value of cloud services, including values such as agility, scalability, cost benefits, innovation and business growth.” – Sid Nag, Gartner research director.

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The right moment is now!

First IDC made its forecast on the growth in public cloud, and now Gartner has done likewise, predicting that public cloud services market will grow 18% in 2017 to total $246.8 billion (£198.1bn).

As per 451 Research’s Hosting and Cloud Study 2017 also, 55% organizations will rely on digital infrastructure to deliver their products and services in 2018 as compared to 50% in 2016.

Thus, an increased number of companies are planning to shift their workloads to the Cloud soon.


The need for cloud migration

Analyzing the challenge that this revolutionary digital transformation has brought in not only for the IT industry but industries and business in all verticals:

  • Differentiating and having targeted business strategies is utmost important.
  • Adding value propositions to the current offerings and service portfolio is something one cannot do without.
  • Accelerating the businesses’ go-to-market speed.

People can instantly create their own reports with SQL Server Power View and PowerPivot for Excel and … they can build those reports 50 percent to many times faster compared with the previous system.”  –David Reis Director of Application Development -CROSSMARK

Finding the best provider to help you in this migration journey

Now once you’ve decided to move your current application workload to cloud, the things don’t end here. Finding the most reliable and efficient service provider is another area to ponder over and is a task, easier said than done.

Here comes the role of Managed Service Providers. These are the established industry key players who’ve already taken a first-hand experience of having their own applications and resources migrated to cloud.

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 Along with managed services, these MSPs are well versed in understanding the client’s business needs. Hence, along with having your applications and workload migrated to cloud, you also get to explore their entire cloud product portfolio-SAAS, IAAS and PAAS.

What you need to know about cloud migration?

The migration of your business to the cloud can be chosen from the below mentioned types of cloud migration:



Data is migrated in an unchanged manner, as much as possible.

Cloud-enabled virtual automation:

This sort of data migration technique is for you and your business if you’re trying to avoid having your own data center and in need of implementing novel, automated and innovative cloud technology for your business operations.

A DevOps transformation:

If you’re into DevOps and looking to bring agility across your entire organization’s IT functions, then this is the best way of having your applications migrated to cloud.

Our cloud migration strategy will involve providing you with answers to questions like:

  • How to get more speed, performance and agility for your IT assets?
  • How to decide from hosted private cloud to public cloud deployment? How to factor in your short and medium term IT strategy?
  • How to decide which apps to take to cloud first?
  • What changes will be needed in your organization after cloud migration?
  • How will you control ‘shadow IT’ or workloads consuming more resources than value they’re providing?

Summing up

Every journey that involves transformation and aims at re- strategizing business’s success vision, needs to be routed in a targeted manner. The migration journey to the cloud is not an exception to it.  It is high time that CIOs and CEOs of large enterprises and SMBs talk it out and have their business strategies reinvented in the wake of this massive IT revolution -Digital Transformation!

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