The term “transformation” in general, refers to a change in something’s or someone’s character or appearance, leading to an improvement of a trait or the complete individual.

However, in business and organizational context, the term transformation refers to an intense and remarkable change that aligns and re-strategies the business’s vision and look out, leading it to an altogether new, improved and different level of effectiveness.

In the past, anything more than letters and telegrams would have been a distant dream, but with the latest advancements, research and innovations, we have moved ahead from voice calls and telephones to social media and video calls. Thus, demonstrating the results and milestones that can be accomplished by getting synced with the new trends, ideas and technology.

Digital transformation that has revolutionized the entire IT industry today and is expected to do more in the times to come, is an indispensable and vital need for businesses worldwide, rather than just a choice.

Cloud is undoubtedly leading this change and is the primary reason behind digital transformation. From streamlining the internal work processes to team co-ordination to security of a huge amount of confidential data to auto scaling of resource usage, you just say it and cloud has an answer to it. With it, the investments in infrastructure can be minimized and the saved capital can be channelized for marketing, research and resources.

Why is Digital transformation the need of the hour?

Managing multiple applications and data on various virtual machines can be a daunting task for the businesses in any sector and IT industry is not an exception to it. Adopting cloud and digital transformation definitely ensures the businesses of :

  • Access to latest technology – Breaking all the boundaries and apprehensions, Digital Transformation lets businesses and decision makers take more reasonable and logical decisions, per the latest industry trends and needs.
  • Scalability of resources with time and need – The most exciting advantage of adapting to Digital Transformation is the ability to scale up/down the resorce usage as per the need and demand of the situation, without having to make irreversible investements in infrastructure or resources.
  • Cost management – Businesses can have the organization’s revenue channelized for other imporatnt needs like research and resources, rather than investing huge sums on buying infrastructure.

Why is Digital transformation the need of the hour

  • Bettering the goto market efficiency – With access to latest technology and tools , businesses can work dedicatedly on their gotomarket strategies and hence have an edge over those who still rely on traditional services.
  • Enhanced and targeted team efforts and team connectivity – Irrespective of the geographical location of the team members, Digital Transformation helps in empowering the organization’s workforce, such that they can work from anywhere,anytime without any bounderies and limitations and that too without having any impact on business outcomes.

Recognizing the vast pool of opportunity

With a focused roadmap and researched strategies, this Digital Transformation and migrating to managed services will undoubtedly prove to be a bliss not only for the IT sector, but businesses in all verticals.

Managed services used last year

This deep pool of opportunities can help the organizations:

  • Target and focus on increased ARPU.
  • Move ahead from the world of IAAS and take full advantage of DT by providing specialized and targeted services.
  • Expand and channelize the product portfolios.
  • Come out from the rat race and price war and develop new and differentiated value prepositions.

To sum up

Organizations and businesses have already charted their go-to-market startegies for cloud adoption and their vision to go about with it. On premises and off pemises options have found their respective weightages and businesses are thinking wise and smart by focussing on migrating their current application workloads to managed resources.

Infrastructure services for digital transformation

Thus, summarizing up the things, to survive in this almost explosive revolution called Digital Transformation, there is no time to think and wait till the eleventh hour. Per a famous saying- “Study the end-game before everything else!”

The winners will be those who evolve with time and get transformed with this era because transformation literally means going beyond your form.

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