Office 365: Your Complete Office In The Cloud (1)- Secure access to emails anywhere on the go with Business class email

With multiple advancements in technology, today, everyone wants to be as productive as possible, by being able to work from anywhere, inside office or outside it. 

As most people work across the globe and on any device of their choice, they want a clean method to do it and a fast and seamless experience throughout.

Here Office365 comes into play. It is a service that keeps you up-to-date with the updated versions of Office applications and different cloud services.

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It is the same reliable Office that we all have been using since long 🙂

Just with new and improved features, like data reliability and freedom to work from anywhere and on anything through business class e-mailing; web conferencing and monitoring through Skype for Business; data security, storage and backup through OneDrive and all these and a myriad of other features and all this without costing an arm and a leg..

Since the features are so many, I will not be able to take up all of them in a single blogpost. So to get better clarity, let’s go through them one by one.

This blog is the first part of three blog series about Office 365 features.  In this post, I will provide a quick walkthrough about different benefits of Office 365’s business class e-mail feature in detail.

Data Mobility on the go

Business Class Email

It works great with any kind of device – so whether you areusing your PC, tablet, phone or mac, you will have each and every mail, document, contact of yours updated and synched with the lat estdata.

The ActiveSync feature makes it possiblefor you to work on the same file from anywhere that you’re working upon at present.

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The office applications are optimized for your devices, so that you can work from wherever you happen to be. It virtually translates to having your own personal assistant on the go. Notonly data, but you can also take your calendar, instant messages, online meetings and your team sites to wherever you go.

Office 365 sets you up for success 🙂

Data Security, Privacy & Backup Simplified

Secure Office 365 Email

Office 365 offers data security, privacy and compliance in the cloud to you and your business. Unbelievable but true! With Office 365, your email is safe from mail threats as it uses advanced anti-spam filtering and anti-malware protection.

You can take advantage ofbuilt-in security features and privacy by design that allows you to choose the level of security and privacy you need. You can also customize security by location, device and user as well.

Further, your mails and your dataremains safe in the unfortunate event of you losing your phone as you can remotely wipe all your confidential data from it to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

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Customized Email and Smart Mail flow rules

Office 365 business-class email provides powerful email for your work, which simplifies your tasks simultaneously. Large 50 GB of storage per user offers you the capability to hold as many messages and files as you need. It allows you to send messages of up to 25 MB, thereby providing you enough space to include custom formatting and images in your mails.

Office 365 Business Email

Smart mail flow rules makes managing your inbox and to-do-list a piece of cake by allowing you to customize your inbox rules and notifications. It provides user end control with a number of filters and rules that can be applied to incoming as well as outgoing mails.

Office Web Apps—for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint,Word, and OneNote, allow you to work across many devices directly from your browser, while permitting users to work on the same file together, thus simplifying version management.

With Office 365, you can use your own domain name with youremail accounts, so your business name comes into focus each time you send a mail.

Thus, Office 365 helps you in focusing on what’s important –your business, by keeping the clutter out of your inbox with intelligent business emailing feature and much more.

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Note: This blog post is first part of three post series on the features of Office 365. Second and third blog posts will deal with quick anywhere connectivity with MS Skype for Business and Cloud Storage –OneDrive.

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