– New Plesk Onyx has integrated support for Github, Docker, Multi-server management, and framework ready environment for Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on rails and more.

The state of the IT industry- the challenges for service providers

64% of Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) are already using cloud-based apps, with average adoption being 3 apps. 78% of businesses indicate that they are considering purchasing new solutions in the next 2-3 years creating the potential to move the average number of applications used to 7, with 88% consuming at least one service.

  • With the maturing of cloud overtime, the service buyers, including the SMBs and the web professionals, expect to get a wholesome solution from the service providers, instead of any run-of-the-mill virtualization offering or a simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering.

  • Although SMBs consume an increased number of services from the cloud, but they require help from the service providers in managing these services. Moreover, they need secure solutions – 30% of SMBs are considering adopting IT security software in the next 1-3 years. This represents a growth opportunity of 74%, with particularly strong growth in data back-up tools.


  • SMBs mostly prefer cloud services that are integrated with their existing IT systems or those that they can access along with their internal systems via a single panel.

  • There is no single platform from where an SMB or a web professional can access and manage the cloud services or the development processes as per their requirements.

  • With automation in vogue today, service providers understand that system administrators do not comprise the main market that they should address, rather applications and developers should be their main concern.

  • Most service providers are still working with traditional platforms that are no more able to keep up with the agility and needs of the businesses today. This is all the more true for shared hosting platforms that often have 10s to 1000s of customers.

The differentiator – Plesk platform helping service providers provide cloud & more to SMBs & web professionals, securely & from a single place.

Plesk is much more than just a control panel!

It is the world’s most widely used cloud platform and control panel for running, and managing applications, websites and other services. It is an open, extensible, flexible and modular platform. Few more features include:

  1. It is the only multi-platform control panel – equally good on both Linux and Windows platforms.
  2. Can run on both virtual and physical servers.
  3. It comes in special editions and provides role based access with special focus on WebPros, IT admins, and App Developers.
  4. XML, CLI and SDK APIs are available for integrating external systems and third party services.

Service providers and resellers can differentiate themselves by using Plesk – to create simple and targeted managed offerings! And/or provide managed solutions with Azure, AWS or any other third party providers. Plesk allows you to:

1. Build– With Plesk’s intuitive interface with ready-to-code environment for web pros, Plesk aids designers and developers in focusing on their business: development of web sites and web applications for SMBs capable of scaling in the cloud.

2. Run– Plesk takes care of the infrastructure management, thus allowing you to focus on your business. Automation of all tasks related to server and components for running and scaling your site and apps saves you good time.

3. Secure– Researches have proved that web professionals- especially app developers realize the importance of security only when it gets too late. But Plesk takes care of the security of your website and apps automatically.

Now we have the new version of Plesk – the Plesk Onyx. Let’s see it in detail:


Introducing Plesk Onyx – A step ahead:

Plesk Onyx comes with all the features that everyone loved and have been using in Plesk 12.5 along with a suite of irresistible and much needed features for today’s web professionals.

This version especially takes the needs of web professionals and developers in focus and so the added features include Docker support, Git Deploy, System Update tools, Linux Cgroups limits, SSL Improvements, DNSSec Support, Plesk Extensions SDK, Ruby Support, Python Support, and many other exciting features.


Let’s see the features in detail:

  1. Docker support

    Docker – among fastest growing technologies, is transforming the way applications are built, shipped and run.Managing Docker is now easier! Plesk include features like:

    • Local and remote Docker management.
    • The ability to run a container from images available on Docker hub.
    • Manage container settings including ports, volumes mapping and environment variables.
    • Build your own image or upload an image.


  2. Git Deployment

    Plesk enables you to manage your Git repositories and automatically install websites from these repositories to any targeted public directory. Thus, utilize Git for basic publishing and making further updates.

    Managing code was never so easy! Plesk’s new Git support include:

    • Easily deploy your website content. Push to a local Git repository or pull from a remote one.
    • Use any software engineering service – GitHub, Travis, BitBucket etc.
    • Create multiple branches in a single repository for separating staging from the production code.
    • Manually deploy for total control or save precious time with automatic deployment.


  3. System Update tools

    Plesk provides all updates settings at a single place (system packages, panel and third party). Plesk system update tools enable you to:

    • Block auto updating of particular packages in the panel.
    • Update packages that’re manually selected in the panel.
    • Set automatic update of system packages and panel.
    • Enable predictable upgrades or updates for packages (packages update as it is from the repos, where they were installed from).

    plesk onyx new features system-update

  4. Linux Cgroups limitslinux-cgroups-limits1
  5. SSL Improvements

    Plesk Onyx provides:

    • SSL certificate management for Mail services – SMTPs, POP3s, IMAPs. An SSL certificate for each mail service.
    • Security with ‘Let’s Encrypt’- SSL cert for Plesk Panel and for each domain created.
    • Webmail on https with a valid SSL cert.
    • Proper handling of SSL / TLS protocols and ciphers.
  6. DNSSec Support

    Plesk Onyx provides:

    • DNS zone Sign, Re-sign, Unsign.
    • Verification of authentication chain for signed domain.
    • Automatic renew expired keys for a domain and re-sign DNS zone. If KSK keys are renewed, than user is notified to update parent DNS zone.
    • Server-wide management of DNSSec – Turn On/Off for whole server, Algorithms for keys generation management, Key length management.
    • Automatic update of parent domain zone in case it hosted on the same Plesk instance.
  7. Plesk Extensions SDK

    New abilities for extensions include:

    • Add permission and limits to Subscription or Service Plan.
    • Perform unprivileged and privileged command line executions.
    • Add scheduled tasks – Windows scheduler or Linux cronjob.
    • Get backward compatibility with old extensions.
  8. Ruby Support
    • Environment for Ruby apps – Ruby engine availability in different versions, defined all needed environment variables.
    • Apps management – ability to scan and detect Ruby on Rails app deployed in domain, deploy a new Ruby on Rails app, restart Ruby app from the panel.
    • .nginx + passenger support (apache has passenger module since Plesk 12.5).
  9. Python Support
    • Delivery of packages – latest versions of Python 2.x/3.x branches, pip and virtualenv utilities.
    • Controls for – Python support management (activate/disable), choose favored Python version, restart application server (Passenger),
    • CLI/API/UI
    • nginx+passenger support (apache has passenger module since Plesk 12.5).
  10. Integrated WordPress toolkit

    WordPress -the most widely deployed application across the globe has over 75 million websites. Plesk can help you in mass-managing a number of WordPress instances in a few clicks. Latest features in the integrated WordPress toolkit:

    • WordPress one-click hardening
    • WordPress one-click hardening
    • WordPress Theme & Plug-In mass-management
    • Self -repair functionality

Plesk Onyx enables one to develop and manage websites and apps seamlessly and easily at a single place. See this video to know more.


Plesk Onyx has web professionals’ requirements at its core. In addition to all the things and features mentioned above, here’s a quick summary of what it can do for web professionals, like developers, designers and IT admins:

Plesk Onyx can help a web developer to:

  • Automate most of his time consuming tasks.
  • Get back more billable time.
  • Get an added security layer.
  • Reduce his dependency on the third parties.
  • Invest lesser and get higher revenue if freelancing; get better workflow and coordinate less if an employee.
  • Accessibility of the ISV products and auto integration with tools like Docker.
  • Increased speed and productivity and speed with WebOps /DevOps.

Plesk Onyx can help a web designer to:

  • Automate most of his time consuming tasks.
  • Get back more billable time.
  • Get a number of exciting ISV integrations, like ServerShield by CloudFlare, Antivirus, VCTR by Datagrid, Patchman.
  • Access the Plesk Security Advisor.
  • Access the WordPress toolkit.

Plesk Onyx can help an IT admin to:

  • Offer advanced, second layer of security.
  • Access to third party extensions like:
    • Plesk Security Advisor.
    • Security Core with ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp.
    • ServerShield by CloudFlare.
    • Antivirus.

ZNetLive provides various services powered with Plesk Onyx, including dedicated servers, Cloud VPS, reseller hosting, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Microsoft Azure cloud, AWS and SoftLayer Cloud.

To know more about our Plesk Onyx powered services, please click here.

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Statistics source: The small business revolution: trends in SMB cloud adoption.

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