Building and running applications and managing them are altogether very complex and daunting tasks. Here, when a powerful control panel like Plesk comes into the picture, it simplifies the life of gazillions of web developers, system administrators and hosters/providers of web based applications.

When Plesk introduced its latest version – Plesk Onyx, no one knew the impact it would have on workload management of developers. The name Onyx itself, stands as a symbol of vision – it helps in getting rid of negative energies. In case of Plesk, Onyx simplifies the lives of web professionals by taking away the complexities of building and managing complex applications.

Plesk Onyx, more than a simple control panel, is a powerful platform with unmatched capabilities. Its features are largely beneficial for web professionals and developers. A variety of features which can simplify the workload for the developers will be covered in this post.

Plesk Onyx

How Plesk Onyx is simplifying the development workload?

1. Plesk Extensions

One of the Plesk’s distinctive features is its Extensions. They are the third-party software that add improved functionalities to Plesk.

Plesk’s latest version differentiates between the core product and the extensions. Most of the functionalities like WordPress Toolkit, Docker support etc. are available as extensions, and are not a part of the core product. This means any update in the extension can be easily rolled out within the extension, without waiting for the core product upgradation.

Thus, developers get access to the new and latest extensions with the help of their Plesk panel. Using them help developers to expand their development capability.

Some popular extensions for developers:

Addendio – It allows easy search and installation of WordPress plugins and themes.

Google PageSpeed – With the help of PageSpeed, developers can check and identify ways to make the website run faster and also to make it more mobile-friendly.

Plesk multi-server – This extension provides complete centralized management of the customer accounts/subscriptions for all Plesk server distributions.

Node.js – This extension helps in developing server-side applications written in the JavaScript. It enables developers to deploy Node.js applications, start/stop/restart them, edit configuration files and install NPM packages and many more.

2. WebOps for Developers

WebOps for Developers

WebOps is a collective word for all the processes and tasks related to the websites and other web-based operations within the realm of IT. It requires expertise and hands on experience to manage the complete lifecycle of applications from their deployment, operation and security to maintenance and tuning/repair of the web- based systems.

Plesk facilitates WebOps developers to build and manage applications through its ready-to-code framework.

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The ready-to-code environment of Plesk allows them to focus on their core job without worrying about the underlying infrastructural requirements. Let’ see how:

It provides the following integrations for developers:

  • CLI API – Command-Line Interface (CLI) can not only be used for server configuration, management of accounts, websites, and services, but for integration with different third-party software as well.
  • XML RPC API – XML API protocol supports remote interaction between third-party software and Plesk.
  • Plesk extensions – These have been explained in detail above.
  • Powerful SDK – Robust tools necessary for creating applications for any development platform.

The other features include:

  • Developers get their own dashboard where they can see the compiled activity status of their panel.
  • They get rich content editor options and code editor with syntax highlighting as well.
  • With the help of .htaccess support, they can have advanced site preview.
  • It also facilitates easy collaboration with designers.
  • App isolation along with optimization options for VPS hosting.

3. Docker and GIT support

The powerful containerization capabilities help developers build applications on the underlying platforms. The Docker extension which is freely available on the extension catalog of Plesk helps them make powerful applications much faster.

GIT, which is one of the most commonly used source code management systems used by the web developers, can be easily integrated with Plesk. They get access to GIT repositories and can automatically deploy sites from them to a targeted public directory.

4. Server Security

Server security is very important for both developers and end-customers. Plesk, with simple security checks and pre-defined criteria, helps you in securing the website. It provides an all-level security support from Operating System, Web application to network and Plesk itself.

5. Auto-scalability with Virtuozzo

Plesk is integrated with Virtuozzo and CloudLinux, which are among the biggest virtualization platforms. By doing so, it helps you to scale your web application vertically as and when required.

6. Powerful automation features

We all are aware of the term automation now and not to mention the immense set of benefits it brings for the parties involved like developers, system administrators etc. Plesk has the capability to automate all the operational tasks in the backend, helping you gain higher revenues.


Plesk is a comprehensive package with multiple sets of functionalities for variety of users – from web developers to hosting providers. By offering Plesk Onyx with most of our services like Cloud VPS and dedicated servers, we try to give our partners and end-users better control and security and reduce their time to manage their web applications and sites.

With Git integration and full Ruby and Node.js support, Plesk Onyx promotes modern web-development languages and simple methodologies.

If you have queries regarding this write-up, simply get in touch through the comments section below, we will be happy to assist you.

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