Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”  ― Martin Fowler, British software developer.

That’s true in all its sense. Programming is indeed an art – both from writing the code to the code itself.

Remember the first programmer who was a woman – Ada Lovelace? She was the daughter of a romantic poet Lord Byron.

Ada was a gifted mathematician and an intellectual who described an algorithm that later was believed to be the first computer program.

That’s true in all its sense. Programming is indeed an art – both from writing the code to the code itself.

“Before the Acronis implementation, there was a huge risk that malware could take down our company. Now, with Acronis, I can say that we’ve done everything possible to protect our data from an attack.” CIO, high performance manufacturing company.
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Remember the first programmer who was a woman – Ada Lovelace?

She was the daughter of a romantic poet Lord Byron. Ada was a gifted mathematician and an intellectual who described an algorithm that later was believed to be the first computer program.

The accelerating pace of technological innovations requires greater efforts on the part of web developers to adapt to changing requirements.

For this, they need to be aware of the latest trends and upskill themselves. One way to know what’s in trend is to stay active on various web forums and development communities.

Why Join Web Development Communities?

Web Development Communities are a good way to stay updated on the latest trends that are ruling the market. When it comes to development, the learning never ceases.

CodinGame’s 2019 Developer Survey Report noted that 69.95% of developers read tech blogs and 59.16% turn to online written tutorials to brush their skills.

Forums are a great place to get connected with other professionals and thought leaders.

Participating in a web forum further helps you showcase your own knowledge and interest to your peers.

After all, two heads are always better than one. By joining a web development community, you get:

  • Insightful responses and new perspective
  • Up-to-date information and solutions to bugs and issues
  • To meet new like-minded professionals, potential partners, friends and code buddies
  • Best practices, tricks, and tips for all programming levels
  • Resources, useful links, and research papers

We have curated a list of 20 such web development communities that a developer should join.

20 best web development communities that no developer should miss joining

1. Bootstrap 


Bootstrap is a popular HTML, CSS and JS Framework for UI components and interactions. Users can join over 7,000 members and learn from the latest Bootstrap trends and tips.

It is a perfect site for building responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the help of a popular front-end component library.

The Bootstrap community helps you stay updated on the trending topics. You can either join the official Slack room or read and subscribe to the Official Bootstrap blog.

2. Bytes 


Bytes is an interesting community of experts as well as novices alike who engage in various discussions about software development, administration of networks, databases, and their development.

Databases are an integral part of programming eco-system and hence it’s good to have resources at your disposal to help deal with bugs.

You can sign-up to join the community and get access to the varied resources.

3. CodeProject


The website is exclusively built for those who code. With nearly 10 million members, CodeProject has created and shared a zillion of code examples that are freely available across the site.

The site is primarily focused on the software development and offers insightful discussions on popular programming languages like Java, C++, C#, C, Lisp, etc.

Other notable features include a separate article section that has a number of tutorials and guides on almost everything.

4. Coderwall


Coderwall is a great platform for learning and sharing popular programming tips.

You can get the latest development and design tips, projects, tools from its developer community.

You can find plenty of relevant topics like Git, Node.js, Javascript, Ruby, Tools, Android, DevOps, etc.

There are many threads for programming tips. To join a conversation, you will have to create a user account.

5. CoffeeCup  


Quite similar to its name, CoffeeCup was started in a coffee shop in 1996 with a simple HTML Editor.

The forum helps web designers create better websites. The goal is to make lives easier by providing customers with great yet affordable software.

The CoffeeCup Software offers a number of software services, including Responsive Site Designer, Free Stuff, Free HTML Editor, Website Insight, Responsive Email Designer, etc.

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They have a complete community site that provides insights through videos, user forums, user stories, and social media archives.

The user forum is the place where you can post different questions and seek their answers. You can search in forums and create an account to join the ongoing conversations.

6. Freenode 


Long before Twitter and Google Wave were in use, IRCs (Internet Relay Chat) was used for communication and collaboration.

Many of the programmer communities were built around the concept of IRC channels and they are still in use.

Freenode is one such popular developer community based on IRC channels and is dedicated to free and open-source development projects.

The community at present has over 60,000 active users who seek and share knowledge across a number of topics and platforms.

The platform is hosted on various servers whose bandwidth is donated by individuals and organizations. To chat, you have to connect to the Freenode IRC. You can directly register too.

7. GitHub 


GitHub is a very popular name amongst web developers. It is quite different from others in the list and it does not provide an easy back and forth communication between the developers.

However, users can easily share their code, making it an interesting programming and coding community.

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It is also a great place for finding some inspiration, as you can see the work of other developers too.

The GitHub Community Forum is the place where you as a developer, can share ideas and follow discussions.

To reply to any conversation, you have to create an account on GitHub.

8. Hacker News 


The Hacker News is powered by the Y Combinator and is the most popular source for real-time data about the latest happenings in the world of hackers.

The resources that are submitted are very insightful and cover the latest happenings in the field of design, engineering, development, etc.

The search function helps find libraries, tools and other important things to help you in your development process.

9. Hashnode 


Hashnode is a very interactive programming community that discusses subjective and opinion-based questions.

Members can discuss their ongoing development projects and post about them. One of the highlights is the opportunity to get career advice from the rest of the community.

If the user is not comfortable sharing his contact details directly while posting or replying to any question, he can post anonymously too.

You can follow your favorite tags like Java, Python, JavaScript, etc.

There are some exclusive ask me anything sessions too where popular developers host a session where they directly answer questions posted to them.

You can read and write programming related articles.

10. IBM developerWorks


IBM developerWorks is a great platform for gaining information on a variety of web development topics ranging from web security solutions to cloud technologies.

However, the user has to pay for full access. Considering developers as more than technology implementers, the platform tries to establish a global development community and engages them at various levels to make development easier.

IBM coder program is for developers building with IBM Developer within the community and developers of all levels can join the program.

They get practical tips and best practices to optimize code and grow as programmers. They are also awarded access to exclusive IBM events and products.

11. Launch Chat  


#Launch is a platform for like-minded entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and makers.

Its makers are Y-Combinator founders, Thiel Fellows and other social entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work.

It is a nice place to collaborate, find work, discuss new products and get feedback.

Members can have meaningful discussions around their respective projects. There are a number of topic channels to choose from.

They have laid certain community guidelines and violation of any might lead to the removal of messages or loss of access to the community.

You can sign-up on their website or create a workspace in Slack to launch

12. Mozilla Developer Network 


If you are looking forward to building programs for Firefox, MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) is the community to join.

You can find all the latest updates, help for bugs and guides on crafting the best websites for mobile devices.

It also gives you access to common development information. The network also lists vibrant newsgroups, forums, news updates, and standard communities.

The members get access to the latest web technologies and developer tools to improve their knowledge of web development.

You need to sign-up to start receiving these benefits.

13. Reddit’s Webdev


Anyone who has worked on Reddit certainly knows that it has threads for nearly everything and on every topic.

They have a dedicated thread for web development too. It is a great platform for learning or budding programmers or web developers.

It has nearly all trending topics, opportunities for meet-ups, how-to’s for debugging and job postings.

It may have less information than its fellow competitors but still, it’s a great way to get started on web development.

Before posting, one has to ensure that the context is clear and specific.

There are some specific forums too like r/javascript, r/crypto devs, etc. The user can subscribe to the required subreddit and know when any update is posted.

14. SAP Community Network 


SCN (Sap Community Network) is the perfect platform for you if you are a programmer focused on business coding.

It is used for building powerful and efficient client-side servers. The primary language used here is ABAP.

The programming community even hosts events and webinars, assigns a mentor and allows downloading of sample code.

The existing business coders can sharpen their skills here, while the newbies can learn to do amazing things in business coding.

There are more than 2.8 million community users with nearly 151,918 questions posted by the members.

15. Stack Overflow


For anyone who is serious about web development and programming, Stack Overflow is a must-join community to learn, share and build.

Developers from across the world come to Stack Overflow to seek answers to their biggest coding challenges.

Per Stack Overflow, a new question is posted on their platform every 12 seconds. Amazing, isn’t it!

It was founded in 2008 and since then it is the go-to site for over 4.7 million developers.

The site rewards informative answers while suspends users who demonstrate any kind of unhelpful behavior.

So, rest assured as the advice you are getting on Stack Overflow is highly credible.

And, if you happen to help any of the fellow developers by answering any question, you increase your reputation among your peers.

You can sign-up for the community either through your Google or Facebook account.

They have a number of questions that can be filtered based on most trending, featured, hot, week or month.

The intuitive archiving feature allows members to sort through the questions through tags. There are member profiles as well.

16. Talk Graphics 


Talk Graphics is a great community for graphic designers and 3D artists. You need to register at the site with your date of birth, email address, and username.

You will find the latest and trending topics at the top of the list. There’s a separate section for what’s new.

They have also created an FAQ section for quick resolution of users’ doubts. You can mark a forum read, so you don’t land upon it again.

17. Toptal 


Toptal is the site for you if you’re looking to join a network of exceptionally talented developers. It is an elite network of various remote freelancers from around 100 countries.

They also run a highly informational blog that is written by a network of developers. The topics include all the latest trends that are changing the industry.

18. The SitePoint Forum


The SitePoint Forum helps you find answers on your questions about CSS, HTML, marketing, PHP, JavaScript, .Net, design and UX, database, web hosting and more.

You can find the latest topics with the number of member replies, views, and activities.

There are some sponsored topics too. They also have a premium version where they offer various books and courses.

You can get free access for seven days, post which you have to pay a fee to access the resources.

19. Webdev Forums 


Webdev Forums is a great place to network whether you’re a new programmer or John McAfee.

It should be your go-to place if you are looking to get feedback on your website, find tutorials or ask questions about SEO and marketing.

A number of categories are present at the bottom of the page where you can choose and navigate topics.

Before you get started on Webdev forums, you’ll have to create an account, read their terms and conditions thoroughly and accept. Once you sign-in, you will get access to plenty of information.

There are several rules that you have to follow before posting anything on the forum.

20. Forum


Web Developer Forum is a simple web development and programming site that has been logically categorized into sections- client-side development, site management (where you can chat about non-developer things), server-side development and web developers’ FAQ where a set of frequently asked questions is placed.

It is easy to use, no-frills programming community that has a wide range of forums on various topics related to CSS, HTML, SQL, and Ruby.

“Acronis is directly responsible for saving our company 1200 hours per year for IT operations staff in backup and recovery workflows.” CIO, high performance IT company.
Read details in a report by Forrester.
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The forums cover almost all questions on major sections. It is a great place for developers who are just starting with web development.

To start a discussion or join in an ongoing conversation, you have to create an account.


Not all developer communities are the same. While some are already established, others are still growing.

But one thing is sure, every community has got something to offer.

So browse and learn different programming skills from these communities and share your knowledge too.

Do add to the list any particular developer community you visit, and you think is worth sharing.

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