One of the biggest fears associated with cloud adoption is the runaway spending fear. Cloud is considered unpredictable being on a PAYG model that can scale resources on demand and charged as a utility bill.

We help you manage your cloud spending by performing deductive and predictive analytics on your past and future cloud spending respectively. Our cloud costs optimization and efficiency services will help you address a number of key cloud cost management concerns:

  • How to forecast and budget cloud spending?
  • How to find out which department is consuming how much cloud?
  • Which cloud services to choose without blowing away my IT budget?
  • Where can I get a single cloud billing and invoicing from?


  • Resource Usage and Spend Analytics
    Resource Usage and Spend Analytics
    • Visibility into product cost trends to properly strategize cost optimization.

    • Analysis of infrastructure usage type to identify hidden resource usage costs.

    • Analysis of different OS platforms for optimizing spending as cost of cloud providers may vary depending upon the OS platform.

    • Analyzing resource count and cost by the region as per the business needs, as region wise pricing and licensing of different cloud providers vary.

    Capacity Planning and Resource Optimization
    Capacity Planning and Resource Optimization
    • Consultation services for resource management and optimization.

    • Guidance for consolidating workloads to prevent space from being wasted.

    • Reporting, analytics & visualization for capacity planning.

    • Calculated information about how much space a service or an application will need now and in future, for better capacity planning.

    • Checks to ensure that systems are running full capability and providing services that meet SLAs.

    Tagging and Audit Trails
    Tagging and Audit Trails
    • Analysis and association of costs by tagging usage with different organizational units – departments, projects etc.

    • Resource tagging for analyzing infrastructure service costs.

    • Better adjustment of infrastructure as per tagged groups.

    • Reports to identify resource usage cost trends for driving maximum cost effectiveness.

    Custom Invoicing
    Custom Invoicing
    • Single place invoicing for different cloud vendors.

    • Scheduled, recurring, automated invoicing to reduce errors associated with manual calculations.

    • All invoice data gets automatically backed up so you can check your invoice history and print them as needed.

    • One click accessibility for all your cloud billing related data.

    Spend and Usage Forecasting
    Spend and Usage Forecasting
    • Forecast reports based on cloud usage trends to make more informed decision for cloud spending.

    • Resource usage assessment and forecasting based on different clouds and instance types.

    • Guidance regarding how current workloads or systems can be modified for handling increased workloads.


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Best in class
Best in class

Work with a certified Microsoft, AWS, and IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud Partner to accelerate your success. We have long - standing relationships with leading cloud solution providers.


Utilize state of the art cloud infrastructure management and expertise of certified Cloud and Information Security experts. Get dedicated account management, governance and planning services, compliance and regulation support from industry experts.

managed support

Experience personalized end to end support in planning, deployment and cloud migration assessment services and enjoy a broad range of services from managed infrastructure to support.