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Features of ZNetLive DevOps Solution

Better cloud development with speed and simplicity

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Continuous Integration (CI)

Improve quality and speed of your software development with CI. When you build apps in cloud using Visual Studio or Jenkins and deploy to cloud, you commit code, it's automatically created and tested, thus, detecting bugs.

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Continuous Delivery (CD)

With CD, ensure that infrastructure and code are ready to be deployed, even in production. With continuous integration and infrastructure as code (IaC), you get identical deployments and can deploy to production manually, any time you wish.

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Continuous Deployment

Automate your complete process, ranging from code commit to production, once your CI/CD tests show success. With CI/CD practices and monitoring tools, safely reach out to customers as soon as the features are ready.

ZNetLive DevOps Benefits

Develop, Deploy and Monitor

With our DevOps tools, get the ability to develop and deliver software to your customers, beat the competition in market, while responding to the regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Get reliability and repeatability for business growth
Automate your provisioning and configuration environments with IaC. Reliably provision identical environment with DevOps tools like Terrform, Ansible or Resource Manager.
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Gain actionable insights
Monitor health of your infrastructure and integrate into dashboards for visual representation. Get actionable insights via instant analytics and application performance management.
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Continuous security and accelerated delivery of applications
With advanced DevOps process in the cloud, get the ability to deliver innovative applications to your users faster. Gain competitive advantage with DevOps tools by releasing applications, quickly and repetitively. Manage provisioned applications and infrastructure for ensuring compliance.
devops managed services by ZNetLive
Increased customer satisfaction, supplemented with high performance
DevOps and us together help you improve your applications by making your iteration process more efficient. This in turn, will result in more satisfied customers.

Leverage your favorite DevOps tools to boost your digital transformation

Why us?

ZNetLive managed DevOps solution brings development and operations together to deliver improved agility and faster development.

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Operational Excellence

We bring together all the complementary capabilities needed to implement error- free deployments, continuous delivery and large-scale application delivery along with managing complexity of releases.
DevOps solution by ZNetLive
Customized Infrastructure

Our Cloud experts design ongoing and customized solutions on trusted infrastructure to fulfill your business needs.
managed devops solution by ZNetLive
Accountable and Answerable Support

Backed by years of experience and deep industry knowledge, our NodeFirst support system provides you with constant support, whenever required.
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99.9% Network uptime

We guarantee our customers 99.9% monthly network uptime blended with industry leading, financially backed SLA.
Get our expert cloud team to build the best business solution for you!