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Distinctions Our SLA

Your business is extremely valuable, and the trust you have invested in us is huge. The expectations from us are high, and so are the standards we have set for ourself. It's the perfect time to bring in an extremely transparent, living & breathing document which ensures that everyone has a clear definition of ownership and responsibilities – the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What does our SLA reflect?

  • No meaningless and misguiding data. Upfront commitments that are easy to understand, follow and monitor.

  • Complete visibility and access into our system.

  • Accountability, answerability and availability.

  • Reflects our 10+ years of industry expertise, values and capabilities.

  • We set extremely rigid internal standards for ourselves and know how to meet them.

  • Our goals are clear; we take complete responsibility and aren't afraid to admit when we make mistakes.

How does it work?

We commit to you an excellent performance

We adhere to our promises and keep you satisfied

We fail to meet the parameters defined

You are notified on an immediate basis

The issue is directly escalated to the management

The issue is looked into and resolved on priority

We inform you once all is settled and compensate accordingly

When you purchase any service from us, we make several commitments to you - like what percentage of the time services will be available, how fast will we respond to your queries and what are the specific performance benchmarks to which actual performance will be periodically compared.

The purpose behind making these commitments is simple – we want you to make the most out of the services hosted with us and be 100% satisfied.

As long as we are adhering to our promises, all is good. Should we fail in an unfortunate case and fail to deliver what was promised to you, our first priority will be to notify you of the same and resolve the issue immediately.

Once everything is settled, we'll admit to our mistake and will generously compensate you for the same. The complete process can be easily monitored by you and the commissions will be released automatically based on the benchmarks we promise.

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