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Why Freshservice from ZNetLive?

A Unified, Streamlined, Intelligent Service Management Solution

Unlock a world of potential with Freshservice - delight your customers and maximize efficiency

Powerful Automations
Powerful Automations
Cut out mundane, labour-intensive tasks and achieve service excellence with no-code workflows and automation.
Novel Protectio
Unified Platform
Achieve greater efficiency by unifying operations with a centralized platform- break down internal barriers and speed up problem resolution, while reducing expenses and gaining insight into service performance.
Access Anywhere
Quick Deployment
Streamline your operations and achieve a swift time to value with Freshservice's intuitive no-code platform. Get expert onboarding, migration services, and seamless 24x7 support too.

Get your hands on an award-winning ITSM tool

Elevate your IT service management experience with Freshservice

Freshservice's enterprise platform utilizes AI technology to improve customer service and employee efficiency. With the help of simple drag-and-drop integrations, deploy quickly and enable effortless adoption, at scale.

Fast Time-to-Value

To ensure successful service and operations management, bridge the gap between them to bolster reliability. Proactively identify critical issues with refined alerting systems while collaborating in a contextually-aware environment for enhanced end-user experiences.

Reduce Downtime

Get the most out of your agents' time and expertise by equipping them with an AI-powered service management tool. Its suggestions and responses offer a helping hand that allows for seamless customer experiences.

Enhance Agent Efficiency

Give your employees the power to access all IT services quickly and easily. Connect them in their preferred formats – such as MS Teams, Slack, or through Freshservice chatbot for a complete self-service experience with an enriched knowledge base and unified service catalog at hand!

Increase Employee Productivity

Streamline your service management across all lines of business - maximize visibility and efficiency with a unified platform that brings consistency to IT, HR, Facilities, Travel, Legal, and more.

Complete Enterprise Service Management

Trusted by 50,000+ businesses, recommended by leading industry experts


Unlock the power of efficient IT service management and see how quickly you can scale business!

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FAQs for Freshservice

  • What is Freshservice?

    Freshservice is an IT service management (ITSM) solution that helps businesses improve the efficiency of their IT helpdesk, IT operations, and support functions.
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