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Optimize your infrastructure, costs, and security with our Well Architected Framework.
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Key Managed Services Offerings by ZNetLive

Facilitate Your Cloud Transformation with Monitoring, managing, securing, optimizing


24*7 visibility and response to events
  • Infrastructure Utilization Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Health Monitoring
  • Account Activity Monitoring
  • Governance, Compliance and Auditing

Streamline cloud management efficiently
  • OS Management
  • Server Management
  • Storage Management
  • Patch, Packages and Updates

Assure security and compliance continuously
  • Threat Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Integration with 3rd party security tools
  • Compliance Assessment for industry specific standards like ISO, HIPAA, PCIDSS, NIST etc.
  • IAM and RBAC

Optimize cloud spend autonomously
  • Infrastructure Due Diligence
  • Idle, Orphaned Resources
  • Proactive Cost Control
  • Utilization Monitoring
  • Best Usage Advice
  • Cost Optimization

Scope of ZNetlive Managed Services

  • Complete cloud management, including configuration, patching, upgradation, etc.
  • Supports Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Windows.
  • Apps like NGINX, Apache, and IIS included.
  • Automated and robust SSH key management for all cloud instances for secure access.
  • Secure network permissions and on-demand provisioning of the bastion server.
  • Pre-assessment and planning for cloud migration and execution.
  • Documentation outlining your specific business needs.
  • Detailed workload assessment considering scalability needs.
  • Consolidation of infrastructure on cloud platform.
  • Management of configuration for better resiliency.
  • Accountability for all your cloud components.
  • Complete migration assistance of your data and apps.
  • Automation for zero error and cost control.
  • Maintenance of transparency in operations.
  • Optimize resources, utilize them better and reduce costs.
  • Get unmatched performance with scalable and industry-renowned cloud platform.
  • Use database as a service, database management, etc. for Public Clouds.
  • Get complete assistance for deployment and migration of cloud databases.
  • Management Support on databases like MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc.
  • One place management of all cloud accounts, environment wise, like production, development, etc.
  • Complete auditing and tracking.
  • Unique user names and corresponding activity logging ensures accountability and fulfils compliance needs.
  • Implementing security of Cloud accounts using IAM and MFA.
  • One identity throughout cloud platforms.
  • Easy role-based access and monitoring across all cloud accounts, for securing data.
  • Trust Relationship Models and Security Token Service (STS).
  • Two-factor authentications for our employees for accessing cloud accounts, ensuring better security.
  • Automated logins with no disclosure of personnel keys to ensure that the login process is completely secured.
  • Key Protection Services.
  • Pre-configured IAM for security.
  • Cloud analytics - intelligence for tracking and management in all cloud environments across different regions.
  • Tracking of usage trends and intelligent billing cycle calculations- hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and so on.
  • Complete visibility across all Cloud activities to optimize resource usage and plan better for the future.
  • Resource usage analysis, including the ability to track reserved instances so that timely renewal actions can be taken.
  • Real-time notifications and email alerts for timely action on the user's end.
  • Granular visibility into S3 storage - usage pattern and bucket visualization.
  • Management of your software licenses.
  • Procurement, deployment and management of computing, database resources, and networking equipment.
  • Procurement of colocation services.
  • Management of vendor SLAs.
  • High-performance database as a service and off-site backup services.
  • Refreshment of hardware and automatic software updates.
  • Monitoring, support, and management 365 days of the year.

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  • 200+ technical certifications
  • 24x7 real-human support
  • ISO certified team

Why trust ZNetLive for Cloud Managed Services

Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

ZNetLive Cloud Managed Services
Technical Support

Operational Excellence

Modern enterprise IT landscape is becoming highly complex. We bring together all the complementary capabilities needed to balance the costs and highly varied demands of your cloud customers.
Go To Market (GTM) Assistance

Customized Infrastructure

Our in-house cloud management experts with 200+ cloud certifications design ongoing and customized solutions on trusted hyper scalar infrastructure to fulfill your business needs.
Automation Platform

Accountable and Answerable Support

Backed by years of experience and deep industry knowledge, our reliable support system provides you with constant support, whenever required.

99.9% Network Uptime

We guarantee our customers 99.9% monthly network uptime blended with industry leading, financially backed SLA.

Unlock the Benefits of Cloud Managed Services with ZNetLive

Innate distrust, default deny

Expert, Dedicated, Around-the-Clock Support

Cloud managed services provide access to a dedicated team of engineers who are available 24/7 to make informed decisions about infrastructure, eliminating the need to rely on basic research or guesswork when issues arise.

One Size doesn’t fit all

Cost Savings

Cloud Managed services can help businesses save money by allowing them to outsource their IT functions to a provider, rather than having to hire in-house IT staff.

Align and Integrate

High Availability, Reliability

Cloud managed services provide a consistent and reliable service as we maintain constant oversight of the cloud environment, proactively monitoring performance, and promptly addressing any issues that may occur, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient service.

Security based on Identity

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Cloud Managed services helps businesses become more reliable by providing them with access to a team of experienced IT professionals who can quickly diagnose and resolve issues.

Overcome operational complexities and unpredictable costs with managed services

AI - powered Cloud Governance

Technical Support

Single Pane of Glass Management

We manage Multi Cloud FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps for Azure, OCI and GCP and provide you with single pane management capabilities of all.
Go To Market (GTM) Assistance

Multi-cloud Cost Visibility

Get visibility into your multiple cloud services and cost variance summary at one place.
Automation Platform

Proactive Cost Controls

Monthly and yearly budget or forecast and consumption tracking to help you in optimizing costs.

Continuous Cost optimization

Our team will take up different activities, including right sizing, checking idle and orphan resources, and optimizing configuration for continuously optimizing your infra costs.

Interactive Management dashboards

With Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards designed for the CTOs, CFOs, Project Managers, etc. know your data and make informed decisions.

PowerBI interactive reports

With 35+ in-built PowerBI interactive reports, gain visibility into cost, security, operations, and resources.

Well architecture framework assessment

Ensure Cloud best practices across all the cloud hyper scalars.

Support for compliances

Get support for all industry leading compliance standards like NIST, PCI-DSS, SOC2 etc. Also get centralized tagging management and enforcement.
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50K+ people trust ZNetLive for their IT needs

ZNetLive is a leading provider of services for cloud computing. We are servicing over 50,000 customers across the globe. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to provide support and guidance, ensuring that your IT needs are always met.

  • The move to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud was the best decision, undoubtedly. ZNetLive further simplified the entire process by helping our team set up our systems on AWS Cloud.

    Mr. Satish Jain

    AGM - Business Transformation,
    B. Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

    After using AWS from ZNetLive, we do not have to think any more about building and operating the infrastructure. The most important benefit is we can now focus on our time, money, and energy to create great experiences for our customers.

    Mr. Siddharth Ajay Singh

    Managing Director and CEO Jumbo Finvest India Ltd.

  • We do projects with the Indian government. The database size of projects is quite huge, with users of these software and applications in millions. ZNetLive’s managed dedicated servers and Cloud VPS have helped us meet our requirements of ‘no downtime’ and apt service delivery

    Mr. Pankaj Sharma

    CEO, Netleon Technologies Private Limited

    Adding Dedicated Servers to our business has helped us grow our customer base and develop state-of-the-art systems for our consumers. We can now guarantee 100% on time delivery with superb performance. Thanks to our team and ZNetLive, for their dedicated support anytime.

    Mr. Piyush Dawar

    CEO, PRP Services Private Limited.

  • Frankly, it is not about great hosting packages or technologies, the main difference entrepreneurs, and resellers like us look for is relationship management. This is where ZNetLive has always been making its mark. They have an EAR for customers and resellers. We can always count on them

    Mr. Suyog Kulkarni

    Managing Director, White Oak Interactive Private Limited.

    By providing Microsoft’s Office 365 solution, ZNetLive addressed all our security requirements and confidentiality of our communication through mail along with features like web conferencing, enhanced mailbox size and more at much lesser price than Google apps we were using.

    Mr. Satyendra Johari

    MD, Johari Digital Healthcare Limited.