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Awesome Tally-friendly features

With ZNetLive's Tally on Cloud, you get a host of Tally-friendly features that enable you to access and work with your financial data on Tally from anywhere and anytime.
Access from anywhere
Access from anywhere
Our Tally on Cloud works on most secure technology and you can access it anytime and from anywhere.
Access Anytime
Access Anytime
We provide 99.99 percent uptime and our Tally on Cloud is accessible anytime.
Any Device
Any Device
Our Tally on cloud is a web-based system and you can access it using any device and OS - Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS devices.
Supports all Tally versions
Supports all Tally versions
It supports all Tally versions and you can install Tally version of your choice and upgrade it to higher versions.
Surprisingly Lightweight
Surprisingly Lightweight
Our Tally Cloud is highly optimized for better remote performance and lowest internet bandwidth requirements.
Very User-Friendly
Very User-Friendly
Our Tally on Cloud is highly user-friendly, and all your users can access it securely from a web-based interface easily.
Super Secured
Super Secured
We take care to keep your data super-secured. There are security measures in place to keep your critical data safe from all threats and malicious files.
Own your data
Own your data
You own the complete data hosted on your Tally on Cloud with ZNetLive. Except you, no one can access your confidential data as you have complete control over it.
Office Applications
Seamless Printing
Our Tally on Cloud support seamless printing. You can have printing done from one location to another with a centralized printer installation.
File Sharing
Easy Backups
We take care of backups and automated backup mechanism are in place. You can also get your data on your local backup devices in no time. This helps you to be prepared for anything uncertain.

Choose your Tally on Cloud plan

Plans (GB)
Monthly Price
Dedicated RAM
Disk Space (SSD)
Plans (GB) ZLT 15
Monthly Price 85.70
Dedicated RAM 15 GB
Disk Space 112.5 GB
Users 2
Plans (GB)ZLT 30
Monthly Price 157.12
Dedicated RAM 30 GB
Disk Space 225 GB
Users 5
Plans (GB)ZLT 60
Monthly Price 285.69
Dedicated RAM 60 GB
Disk Space 450 GB
Users 10
Plans (GB)ZLT 120
Monthly Price 571.39
VCPUs 12
Dedicated RAM 120 GB
Disk Space 900 GB
Users 15

Why us?

ZNetLive is a name trusted name for cloud services and we provide the best in class infrastructure and support that distinguish us from other Tally on Cloud providers.
SAP cloud providers
Best in Class

Work with a certified Cloud Expert to accelerate your success as we have long - standing relationship with the leading cloud solution providers.
SAP HANA cloud solutions by ZNetLive
Customized Infrastructure

Our certified experts design customized solutions on robust infrastructure using the best of services to fulfil your business needs.
SAP on cloud
Architectural Guidance

Use Cloud to its fullest with our reliable experts' guidance and get improved performance, maximum ROI and cost effectiveness.
SAP on cloud by ZNetLive
99.9% Network Uptime

We provide a guaranteed monthly network uptime of 99.9% to our customers blended with industry leading, financially backed SLA.

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